Why Would You Fit In 

When You Can Be You?

Craft a life that looks like you: cosy, homey, & confident.

I teach 30+ women who are tired to fit in  how to embody the Danish way of life (= Hygge)

so that they feel safe, cosy, capable, & unapologetically themselves.

How can I help you today?

Tired to fit in & be constantly overwhelmed?

What if you can keep your anxiety checked AND design a lifestyle where you are your #1 priority?

I’m new to Hygge, I want to learn more about it first

Wonderful! Start with the blog or the podcast. PS: Grab your favourite mug, it’s about to be awesome.

Need some inspiration for your home decor makeover?

You’ll fall in love with budget friendly & easy ideas to turn your house into a warm & cosy home.

Hygge (aka Everyday Cosiness) comes in 2 ways:

From inside… You take baby steps to plan, organize, and structure your overall lifestyle so that you can keep your anxiety checked

From outside… You start feeling calm, safe, & cosy by revamping your environment (house &/or garden).

A place where cosiness comes true

Are you exhausted to feel the peer/ social/ family/ partner pressure on your shoulders? 

Are you dreaming of staying at home with your loved ones enjoying your fireplace or reading a book with a coffee? 

The Hygge Planner is here to help you to implement the Danish philosophy of happiness (Hygge).

Embracing simple pleasure, loving beauty creations from Nature, slowing down and, finally, living a life that creates memories to share.  

Three Reasons To Fall In Love With The Danish Way Of Life (= Hygge)



The Core of Hygge

Don’t rush, slow down… Unplug from your crazy busy life to enjoy the birds singing, to see the flowers or choose to snuggle in a blanket, drinking your favourite hot cocoa while reading a new book. Your life, your choice.



Only with your loved ones

No need to gather 1000s guests you’ve never met to embrace a hyggelig moment. You can go for a walk, make a picnic, look at the sky daydreaming about the stars and making wishes. This is how Hygge is.



Love your quirks

Hygge is about feeling at ease with yourself, loving your body as it is, embracing your own uniqueness: cooking, sewing, knitting. You don’t have to fit into a mould to be happy but you should be happy to be you daily. 

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From Our Amazing Hygge Insiders:

I may not always have time to catch her Live videos or fb updates, but when I do I absolutely LOVER them! So honest and encouraging! I think it’s amazing. xx


I’m so excited to have you here Ophelie. 😊 Oh yessss, fellow chocolate addict here and I also LOVE bentos! 😍 I think it’s so neat that you love writing plays. 😄 I’ve never heard of Hygge before, now I need to go find out what it is. Haha love it!

Allison Marshall

Founder of Wonderlass

I love The Hygge Planner. So personable and so sweet. Love her DIY tutorials.


This capture is so lovely! I just checked your other pictures and i love it 😊 keep it up. I hope you like mine as well 🌷🌸🌹🌺


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