Tired to Feel Off-Track & All Over The Place?

Let's Connect The Dots, Master Your Time & Tame Overwhelm

By Crafting A (Hygge-Inspired) Cosy Way of Life 

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Hej! Hello!

I’m Ophelie. 

Empath. Spiritually Sensitive. Introvert. Chocoaholic. Close to 40.

I made a 180 flip when I quit my academic career (PhD in Criminology) to heal myself & learn to love my quirks.

I went through depression, burn out, near-death experience, and massive anxiety that left me off track, lost & confused. 

With The Hygge Planner, I want to inspire you to rock your comfort zone & practise everyday cosiness so you can be unapologetically confident & happy

You read all the books…

You attended all the workshops & teleclasses…

You got the knowledge but you STILL struggle to connect the dots

I Believe Unstoppable Happiness Begins

Inside Comfort Zone

Where You’re Unapologetically Confident

Dreaming of staying at home with your loved ones enjoying your fireplace or reading a book with a coffee? 

The Hygge Planner helps women over 30 to implement the cosiness-based way of life from Denmark  (called Hygge).

It’s the best kept secret & the sweetest system to create confidence, calm, joy, & happiness in your life (without adding stress)

So that, you’re embracing simple pleasures, loving beauty creations from Nature, slowing down and, finally, living a family life that creates memories to share.  


I inspire quiet & overwhelmed women over 30 to plan their lives by relying on Comfort Zone + everyday cosiness so they get a chance to be calm/happy/restful & ready to be unapologetically confident when they need to be.

Your Words About The Hygge Planner:

I may not always have time to catch her Live videos or fb updates, but when I do I absolutely LOVER them! So honest and encouraging! I think it’s amazing. xx


I’m so excited to have you here Ophelie. 😊  I’ve never heard of Hygge before, now I need to go find out what it is. Haha love it!

Allison Marshall

Founder of Wonderlass

I love The Hygge Planner. So personable and so sweet. Love her DIY tutorials.


This capture is so lovely! I just checked your other pictures and i love it 😊 keep it up. I hope you like mine as well 🌷🌸🌹🌺