Turn Your Imagination & Intuition Into A Crafted Lifestyle



What you love about The Hygge Planners:

– you choose the template (monthly or daily)

– you choose your cover (traditional or edgy)

– you actively reduce carbon footprint (one tree is planted per planner purchased)


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Your unique personality deserves unique tools.

The Hygge Planner is all about you, tapping into your inner compass, & your gut instinct so that you’ll learn how to craft, plan, & rely on a lifestyle that cares for you first.”

Fitting in? Thanks but no thanks.

Fake it until you make it? No way!

Here’s the ugly truth: you got too much information from books, workshops, live events, courses… You tried guru X, method Y and crickets.

You still struggle to connect the dots to be unconditionally you.

What if you can go with the flow, right here right now? Here’s the secret: start with what you’re already good at (daydreaming and following your gut instinct), put them in order –> you’ll be unapologetically you.

The Hygge Planner inspires intuitive/highly sensitive to craft a lifestyle that cares for them first by relying on their inner compass + intuition so they:

– tap into their emotional/ spiritual journey with a sense of calm/ creativity / comfort

– find balance between self-care & staying grounded  

Your Words About The Hygge Planner:

I may not always have time to catch her Live videos or fb updates, but when I do I absolutely LOVER them! So honest and encouraging! I think it’s amazing. xx


I’m so excited to have you here Ophelie. 😊  I’ve never heard of Hygge before, now I need to go find out what it is. Haha love it!

Allison Marshall

Founder of Wonderlass

I love The Hygge Planner. So personable and so sweet. Love her DIY tutorials.


This capture is so lovely! I just checked your other pictures and i love it 😊 keep it up. I hope you like mine as well 🌷🌸🌹🌺