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Tired to scroll on Pinterest for hours to find Holiday ideas?

Frustrated to hop on websites where you find everything BUT what you look for?

Short on time to find gift ideas for your loved ones?

Overwhelmed by all the fad trends & tricks out there?


What if I can save you time, energy, and money so you can enjoy Holiday season with your family?

You’re already doing your best to get back home on time every day so you can spend more time with you kids. 

Every weekend, you spend hours doing grocery, planning meals, and batch cooking so you’re sure your family has healthy meals all week long.

You worked so hard to get that dream job and now, you start enjoying it … after years of extra hours. 

You love to be the host for famly dinners but it takes so much time to think about everything in advance + it seems there’s always an emergency when you try to slow down a bit. 


Sounds familiar?


  • 🥺 you’re up at 3 AM tossing and turning in your bed cos you can’t figure out what you’ve been missing to do the day before


  • 🥺 you’re wondering how to squeeze time to get your Holiday season ready to enjoy


  • 🥺 you’re sick and tired to be locked in front of your computer to find gift ideas


  • 🥺 you want to keep it simple but that’s seems out of reach



What if

  • 💕 you got a frame to follow & to customize?


  • 💕 you got a pre made list of ideas for every people you love so you can buy online?


  • 💕 you can try new recipes this Holiday without spending hours in the kitchen?


  • you can stay at home enjoying more time with your family or alone?

When you can rely on a proven frame to plan/ enjoy Holiday season, you:

  • embrace more togetherness

  • know how to find/do/ get ready for last minute changes

  • actively promote cosiness as a long term goal for you and your family

  • naturally unplug and digitally detox cos the moments with your loved ones matter most

  • create memories that last a lifetime



12 Days of Hygge is designed to be a practical, super quick guide for you to hop on the Danish inspired (Hygge) wagon BEFORE the end of the year.

That’s why I designed a 23-page PDF to download, print and use right off the printer. 


Inside, you’ll find:


  • Day 1: Indulge —> Poire Belle Hélène Recipe
  • Day 2: Home Decor —> Birds on a Tree
  • Day 3: Indulge —> Gluten Free Lemon Pie
  • Day 4: Home Decor —> Two posters to celebrate the end of the year
  • Day 5: Lifestyle —> The perfect Wormy Day© blueprint
  • Day 6: Family —> Game Boards ideas
  • Day 7: Lifestyle —> Outdoors activities for the family
  • Day 8: Sharing —> Gifts recommendations for kids
  • Day 9: Sharing —> Gifts tips for women
  • Day 10: Sharing —> Gifts recommendations for men
  • Day 11: Lifestyle —> Christmas playlists
  • Day 12: Lifestyle —> Movies List


Just in case we don’t know each other…



Hi! I’m Ophelie.

Empath. Highly Sensible. Chocoaholic. Close to 40. I went through depression, near death experience, and massive anxiety that left me off track, lost & confused. 

With The Hygge Planner, I want to inspire you to rock your comfort zone & practise everyday cosiness so you can be unapologetically confident & happy.

I know what it takes to get out of bed when you cried all night. 

That endless pain in your stomach that hurts so much you want to make it stop just for a second.

That flow of thoughts, the negative conversation you play over and over in your head…

That overwhelming feeling of over-analyzing that leaves you stuck and frozen…

That moment you realize you’ve not taken a day off since months or years. 

That dreadful impression that you’re worthless, useless, convinced to suffer no matter what.


When you tried everything and there’s no hope outside, it’s ok to take your time and follow your own path.


Hygge (the Danish art of cosiness) litterally saved me by realizing my way of living was not crazy or stupid… that somewhere on the planet, a whole country was following those principles and they rank on the top 3 happiest countries in the world.


It’s NOT the only way to reach happiness and confidence but I know this way helped me and it’d be a honour to guide you through it.

✨You deserve to you feel as comfy as at home, confident in your own skills, & capable to dare living the life you want ✨


Disclaimer: Due to its digital nature, there’s no refund for this product. All sales are final. Read carefully BEFORE purchasing. 

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