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A year ago, I launched The Hygge Planner as a safe place where people are encouraged to be unapologetically themselves, enjoying their own quirks, defying all the odds to be happy, confident, & capable.

12 months later, we’re there proud & determined to support your journey & to deliver actionable tips so you can plan a lifestyle that cares for you & your cosiness. 

Ophélie B.

The Unapologetic Hygge Strategist/ Founder of The Hygge Planner

Are you tired to fit in when you can be a limited edition?

You’ve spent weeks, months (or, like me, years) to please everyone around you because it seemed safe & more secure that facing their hatred, their mean comments, or their abuse…. So have I.

You’ve hidden yourself behind the curtains, crossing your fingers to be unnoticed… So have I.

You’ve said “YES” wayyy too many times when your mind screamed “Heck No!! That’s not you!” … So have I.

You’ve read all the self developments books around, trying to fix what’s NOT broken…. So have I. 

You’ve tried to convinced yourself that there’s no room for you in this world when you’re not a Princess, living in pink, doing 5 yoga lessons per week, drinking green juice, & meditating with crystals… So have I. 

What if you can be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU?

The Anniversary Package

What if THIS Summer was your first step to feel awesome?
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Hygge is a feeling

You can’t buy it but you can learn it…

Hygge is about creating memories that soothe your mind, support your journey, sustain your goals, balance your schedule ALL YEAR long. 

Hygge is being unapologetically you, feeling safe, accepted, unique, proud, confident & courageous.

Hygge is NOT about money, expensive clothes, or fancy furniture.

It’s a new luxury state of mind that lasts a lifetime: your path to cosiness. 

Why you should begin now

It takes ONE decision to change an entire lifestyle.

The Danish way of life (Hygge) is an easy actionable toolbox for people who experience some forms of anxiety. It’s a step by step process to (re)discover cosiness, to reframe our relation with time, and eventually a fantastic compass to support the unapologetic new you.


Let me show you…

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The Anniversary Package

More questions? We've got the answers

The Face behind The Hygge Planner

You’ve read so far… You deserve some funny details about who I am.

  • I’m an ISTJ (very quiet and analytical … but also very proud of being introvert)
  • I’m lefty so I always think my products to be used by both hands 
  • My first name comes from a Danish play written by Shakespeare (yes, it counts as a sign…)
  • I’ve been bullied from 12 to 18 by fellow kids: being shy and bright was like a curse to cure … because I remained silent, I thought I deserved their hatred.
  • During my PhD, I had a major nervous breakdown (aka as burnout). This was my wake-up call: I should no longer hide or give up on who I am to please someone
  • I’ve recently been diagnosed with High Functioning Anxiety & Adrenal Fatigue
  • If I’m not writing another book or a play, you’ll find me drawing chibis, cooking bento, running long distance and hearing hard rock
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Is is a digital or a physical product?
The Anniversary Package is a digital product with immediate download. You can download up to 3 times and the link is available for 14 days. 
I'm not satisfied. Can I have a refund?
The Hygge Planner is NOT providing any refund for digital products. Every purchase is final. You can read our entire Refund Policy HERE
Is your payment process safe?

We value your security and your safety. We’re using a 256 bit encrypted system hosted by chec.io to process your banking data. At any moment, we NEVER have access to your data or any banking information.

How do your protect my personal data?
We’re GDPR compliant since May, 25th 2018. We’re asking for the bare minimum information to process the payment & track the deliverability process. Making a purchase does NOT mean you’ll be added to any list or you’ll be receiving any further messages from The Hygge Planner. If you want to be added on our list, please visit https://www.thehyggeplanner.com/newsletter  

If you have any doubt, please refer to our GDPR policy HERE  & get access to the data we may have stored about you HERE

I'm already a member of The Hygge Lounge Community, what's in it for me?
Good question! Hopefully, you opted in for the Anniversary List and you received the special discount code to get the member only package.

You’ve got all listed above + the famous Tea Pot To Do List & 2 original posters to celebrate the anniversary. Did I mention that this updated package is 77$ ONLY 😉

If you didn’t get the code, please drop a line at clientcare@thehyggeplanner.com and Juniper will be happy to assist you.

I'm crazy about reading legal stuff, where's yours?
You bet I got some legal stuff ready… When you’ve made the Law School, it lasts forever…

When do you close the cart?
Due to internal process we have to operate, we’re closing the cart for The Anniversary Package on Sunday, 24th June 2018 12AM Paris Time
Meeehhh, I'll be waiting until the next discount...
Well, that’s an option and I respect it.

That said, I’m doing only 2 special per year: one for Thanksgiving & one for the Anniversary 

So it’s up to you.

PS: Free Members of The Hygge Lounge Community DO HAVE access to early bird pricing, special paid offers. I’d love you to join the Lounge. Learn more at https://www.thehyggeplanner.com/newsletter 

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