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Ep 54: 3 Things I wish I knew before Hygge

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #54, today I’m talking about 3 things I wish I knew before Hygge

There’s a tonne of things that we tend to forget as we move to a more advanced practice. I still remember when my Mom tried to explain me how to crochet. She’s crocheting for 50 years or more… and she’s right handed.


So… when a newbie like me (and a lefty) is asking questions about the yarn, the best crochet to handle… she’s genuinely staring at me with a “OMG… it’s been such a long time. Give me a minute”.


Guess what? Same goes with Hygge. So I went through my oldest journals to find which questions I had a couple of years ago about Hygge as a lifestyle. 

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: Being introvert is not a curse

I always knew I had something odd inside me. I tried for 25+ years to fit in by faking it.


I thought if I pushed myself enough on a regular basis, I would finally find my place. I would be loved, accepted, understand. I thought it was a normal way of growing: to suffer from my peers and, almost magically, one day, it would stop. 


Truth is, I faked it and I never made it. Truth is, I’m introvert. I’m not shy. I’m capable to speak to hundreds of people and even teach (hello previous career). Being introvert means I need to recharge ALONE (not in the middle of a crowd). 


Plus, the way I process things, information, and thoughts are kind of different that the way 80% of the world works. If you want to know more about this topic, do the free test on (not an affiliate nor an ad) 


I’m an INFJ which is the rarest breed of introvert. and I’d love to know what’s your personality. 


-2:  Beating at your own dreams should be encouraged (not teased)

– don’t be a sheep

– be ready not to follow trends

– know yourself first

– it’s not because you’re different that you’re less worthy of love, respect, trust, ….


-3: Feed your passions not your fears

– social media is killing our joie de vivre by forcing us to comparison

– your passions may appear odd or weird to someone, but there’s always a place where your passions are seen as a gift/ skill/ talent…. just seek for this community

– bullies/ stalkers/ trolls have no right to judge you nor to criticize you (your backstory, your past, your choices are none of their business. You don’t have to justify yourself as long as you harm no one)


If you let your fears to take a toll on how you behave on a daily basis, you’ll end up feeling like an empty shell with no self respect, no self love, no self confidence. 


When I realized I could use Hygge to create, build, and strengthen my comfort zone and, eventually, turn it into a rock solid confidence, it helped me to realize that having a shield to protect me from unfairness and mean comments was easier than I thought.


As long as I take care of that shield (aka Hygge), it will support my journey to discover the happiness that lies within me (and that lies within yourself as well). 

The best is yet to come.

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Ep 54: 3 Things I wish I knew before Hygge