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Beginners mistakes: we ALL make them but we’re rarely ready to talk about them or admit them.

Even for something as sweet and light as Hygge, beginner mistakes are quite inevitable.

So, BIG disclaimer, I’m not talking about the BS crappy content from un-informed mompreneurs who copied and pasted the same text over and over to promote THEIR fake ideas of what Hygge. -> aka Hygge is a decor squeezed between Halloween and Thanksgiving when you need an excuse to spend $$$$ on interior decor for no reason

RANT over ….

What kind of beginner mistakes can you possibly do when you start your Hygge journey?

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s mistakes per se… It’s more the expression of a fear. You want to do things as correctly as possible and you may try too hard.

Fear is such a common emotion that we tend to overthink it. Especially if we have very few track records that prove without the shadow of a doubt that we’re capable of doing something… It let us stuck, paralyzed, unable to make just one move. 

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of abandon, fear of not being enough… all those fears are deeply painful. No one should be judged or teased for experiencing those fears.

But, at least, in this episode, I’d love to debunk some fears you may have (consciously or not) about Hygge. Let’s grab your pen & paper, we start right now.

It’s OK to make mistakes

It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means you tried and you had a feedback (even if it’s not the one you expected). 

Trying something new whether it’s learning a new skill, acquiring advanced abilities, or practising your natural talents is, in itself, a proof of courage. 

You don’t even have to share what you try to accomplish on public if you don’t have real, strong supportive cheerleaders around you. It’s ok to walk alone. It’s ok to remain quiet. It’s ok to move the needle on your own. 

In this episode, I discuss:

  • What if you live outside Denmark? Does it work?


  • Why you’re misled by Mompreneurs blogs who push you to buy things you don’t even need … so they can make money.


  • What I think about the “Hygge is a decor” fad trend


The best is yet to come.


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Penrose launched Comfort Zone Rocks in 2022 to help Introverts (re) discover the emotional, physical, spiritual benefits of embracing a cosy slow way of living- all while breaking free from the “name & shame” regularly associated with introversion.

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