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Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #59, today I’m opening up about the common mistakes I made as I begun my journey through Hygge

Fear is such a common emotion that we tend to overthink it. Especially if we have very few track records that prove without the shadow of a doubt that we’re capable of doing something… It let us stuck, paralyzed, unable to make just one move. 


Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of abandon, fear of not being enough… all those fears are deeply painful. No one should be judged or teased for experiencing those fears.


But, at least, in this episode, I’d love to debunk some fears you may have (consciously or not) about Hygge. Let’s grab your pen & paper, we start right now.


In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • What if you live outside Denmark? Does it work?
  • Why you’re misled by Mompreneurs blogs who push you to buy things you don’t even need … so they can make money.
  • What I think about the “Hygge is a decor” fad trend


The best is yet to come.

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