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Episode 36: 3 Mistakes I made before Hygge

You can access the episode by clicking on the image below: Making mistakes is a natural part of every journey... whether you're trying to bake the perfect chocolate lava mug cake ever or you're learning how to read tarot to connect with your intuition.  As a matter of...

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Episode 34: 2018 Review

You can access the episode by clicking on the image below: Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #34. Today I'm rewind 2018 with a Hygge Review In this week's episode,I'll discuss: What was totally awesome The Challenges I faced...

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Who's this Frenchie?

Hej! I'm Ophelie and I teach beginners how to implement the first steps of the Danish way of life (Hygge)so they can feel cosy, comfy, and confident.

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