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Still in love after a year!

Still in love after a year! Disclaimer: I'm writing a review to share my experience while using CoSchedule. I'm participating to their referral program. Learn more about it HERE Before I unveil the nitty gritty reasons why my so-called « affair » with CoSchedule is...

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Episode 36: 3 Mistakes I made before Hygge

You can access "My Hygge Mistakes" by clicking on the image below: Making mistakes is a natural part of every journey...Making Hygge mistakes is as normal as trying to bake the perfect chocolate lava mug cake ever or you're learning how to read tarot to connect with...

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Who's this Frenchie?

Blog Hej! I'm Ophelie and I teach care-taking, overwhelmed women how to unzip comfort zone & craft a cosiness-based way of life for their families.

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