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How To Bring Hygge At Work

How To Bring Hygge At Work

You can access the episode by clicking on the image below: Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #58, today I'm talking about how you can bring Hygge at work with simple changes Hygge is kind of obvious at home cos it’s where your family is, it’s where your hearth...

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Still in love after a year!

Still in love after a year!

Still in love after a year! Disclaimer: I'm writing a review to share my experience while using CoSchedule. I'm participating to their referral program. Learn more about it HERE Before I unveil the nitty gritty reasons why my so-called « affair » with CoSchedule is...

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Close to 40. Depression, near death experience, and massive anxiety left me off track, lost & confused.

I want to inspire you to rock your comfort zone & practise everyday cosiness so you can be unapologetically confident & happy.

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