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Ep 15: 3 last minute book recommendations for Summer

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #15, your 8-min break to make the Danish way of life simple & plan a lifestyle that cares for you and your cosiness.

Today I’m talking about 3 amazing books you’d love to read this Summer. 

I’ll discuss:

  • #1 Book is worthy of a 10-year therapy
  • #2 Book helps me to stay on track while running an online business
  • #3 Book sustains my mental health when I’m experiencing anxiety

The best is yet to come.

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BONUS: As promised in the podcast, you can find all the details of the books right below. (All these links are Amazon Affiliates links which means I’m getting a compensation when you buy from my links. It doesn’t cost you a dime but it helps me to stay away from ads) 

Ep 15: 3 last minute book recommendations for Summer

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