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Ep 52: 3 Ways To Build A Hygge Feeling

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #52, today I’m talking about why Hygge is such a special feeling

Whether you’re turning your TV on, scrolling on IG, connecting with your friends on Facebook or just talking with your BFF around a moccaccino (lactose free thank you), you’ll end with the same topics over and over. 


Especially when it comes to getting closer to Summer or to the end of the year: same ideas, same conversations, same magazine covers every year. 


You’ve got everything from “Try Keto”, “A slimmer face in 4 weeks without surgery”, “Cleanse your cells with celery juice”, “Why lemon will save you from being left handed” to “What Kim K is using to be successful” or “How Yoga and meditation helps this Royal to run the world”


This everyday pressure to “Do More” is not a source of motivation, it’s a sure path to kill your joie de vivre one advice at a time (even if it comes from someone you cherish and respect the opinion). 


In this episode, I’m sharing how I went from constantly chasing happiness to apply Hygge in my everyday life

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • how to go from an outside need for happiness to a peaceful sense of inner freedom
  • why Hygge was my wake up call to flip things upside down in my life
  • why seeking freedom is a chance to seize more opportunities
  • what I do to make Hygge a reality and not stay as a vague plan 
  • what I rely on every single day so I keep pushing forward no matter what 

It’s time to rewind

Hygge rapidly became something I couldn’t live without cos: 


  • you leverage the power of cosiness every single day
  • you realize that Hygge is more than a vague concept. It’s a full easy to implement lifestyle even if you’re a single mommy with 2 toddlers running all day.
  • you mute all the pressure to be picture perfect 24/7. You deserve happiness not a fake perfection (BTW perfection is sooo boring).
  • you appease your anxiety, your stress by making healthier choices.
  • you break free from the urge to always do more. You should live more! 
  • you know how to recharge even if you just have 5 minutes per day.
  • you make smarter, more sustainable, eco friendly choices for your home so you save money (without sacrifying the comfort)
  • you decipher the marketer’s tricks that make you feel guilty when you don’t buy another useless products during an infomercial

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The best is yet to come.

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Ep 52: 3 Ways To Build A Hygge Feeling