You know the drill?


“Magic Happens OUTSIDE Comfort zone”


For 20+ years, so called gurus pushed you to believe that:

– Comfort zone means laziness

– Comfort zone means weakness

– Comfort zone equals lack of ambition

– Comfort zone is the inability to reach goals

– Comfort zone is low self-worth & poor/scarcity mindset

They urge you to run away from your Comfort zone as fast as possible so you, hopefully, become:

– a Super Star

– #1 Mom of the year

– BFF of the century

– A+ family of the town

Did I mention they don’t care if it doesn’t fit your needs, nor support your lifestyle?

It’s the sure way to be at your wits’ end

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way For You!

#1 It’s not your first rodeo

You’ve done all the work. You’ve read all the books, attended all the workshops. You signed up for all the online courses. YOU ARE SMART! 

You won’t get fooled by tricky hype trends or fad items that pop around like shining objects.

You’re heart centered & your family knows you’re awesome.

#2 You don’t have to fit in to thrive

Being perfect is highly boring. No one has a picture perfect life where everything is glossy & glamour.

Your quirks are a part of who you are. They’re the tangible sign you’ve been hurt and you get over them. It’s a source of pride.

#3 You matter

Your choices, your way of doing, your life matter. You don’t have to justify what you do, be, have as long as you don’t harm anyone around.

Having A Real Life Comfort Zone & Practising Cosiness Everyday Is A Chance For You & Your Family To Craft A Lifestyle You Love: Comfy, Homey, & Cosy

How It Works

Embrace Your Quirks

You’re enough. You’re capable of so much more than you think.


Build Legacy

Create memories you can cherish. Passing on what you’ve learnt from your ancestrors.

Quality Over Quantity

Your self-worth is not defined by your bank account nor your social hype.

Value Togetherness

Taking care of your loved ones. Volunteering locally. Having a positive impact on the world.


Simplicity & Slow Living

One day at a time. One season at a time. Tidy house. Uncluttered way of living.

Enjoy Me Time

To be the unapologetic role model your family deserves, you have to honour your needs first.

Having a real life Comfort Zone is an incredible chance.

It’s a safe foundation to craft the lifestyle you love. It’s your security fishnet where you remember that you’re already:


– confident

– courageous


– compassionate

– caring

Think about this:

– When you train for a half marathon, you follow a progression plan where you start to run a couple of minutes. You don’t start right off the bat by running 90 minutes. –> you’re relying on your comfort zone to make progress

– When you’ve learnt how to read, your teacher didn’t start with Pride & Prejudice. You started with something simple then you read a little longer & more complicated books -> you relied on your comfort zone (you knew you were capable) before expanding yourself

When you rely on your comfort zone to expand yourself, you’re unstoppable.