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3 evergreen ideas for a Cosy Spring at home

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #49, today I’m talking about 3 evergreen ideas to cosy up your home this Spring.

Hygge works at every season. It’s not because long dark cold days are over (at least I hope they’re by now) that you have to stay away from Hygge until next Fall. Yes, the Danish way of life can spark joy all year long. 


What’s awesome with Spring is Nature and watching more greenery outside always put a smile on my face no matter what. 


Let me share with you 3 ideas that may help you to incorporate more Hygge in your life this Spring.


In this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: Bear in mind that Hygge is from Denmark which means it’s included into the Scandinavian vibe


And one of the Scandinavian design pillar is “nature” in all forms. That may be something bright and flowery like a cushion or something more green to remain Nature like a wallpaper on one wall (or a rug). 


Nature is incorporated all year long inside Scandinavian home with tiny touches like a vase with flowers, like a drawing with leaves…


-2: Start a mini/ micro interior garden with herbs to cook 


Not everyone of you has the chance to live in houses with huge amount of garden to grow veggies and so on… but as soon as you have a window in your apartment, you’re good to start a mini/ micro herbs garden. 


Wouldn’t it be nice this Spring to cook and be able to add some fresh herbs right from your kitchen. It’s very satisfying, very easy, and the investment is very minimal. 


As long as you have some pots to use, some soil and some seeds, you’re good. Some shops offer premade kits if you’re really new and unsure what to do. 


If you have pets, check with the vet BEFORE cause some herbs are not suitable for common animals like dogs and cats. 


That said, catnip is always an option to grow 😉 and your furry bowl of love will thank you for this one. 


-3: If you don’t have a green thumb try buying a tiny aloe vera 


Aloe vera is a wonderful plant that not only is easy to manage, but it’s a wonderful air purifier (meaning this plant “eats” more carbon than her counterparts which is always good for our environment). 


I’m awful with plants despite my numerous tries, but, so far, my 8-year old aloe seems to be happy with me. It’s not a mega huge one but it fits into my tiny apartment.


Bonus tips, if you’re looking for a cheap/ chemical free/ sustainable/ on a budget alternative to after sun lotion or every day moisturizer, consider aloe vera. I’ve eczema since 36+ years and my skin has never been smoother than when I’m using aloe. 


It’s time toRewind:

Hygge is not a fall-winter thing only. If it was, you’ll see thousands of Danish people getting stuck/ frozen during 6 months until the next fall…. Denmark lives Hygge all year long, so do you. 


Adding nature to your every day environment is a good way to enjoy and embrace Hygge without breaking the bank…. and it’s a safe way to decrease our carbon foot print. 

Consider raising money to plant trees or to support bees. Do you know that every time, you’re buying from me, 3% of my benefits go to charities like sponsoring a beehive, or planting trees?  See for yourself at


The best is yet to come.

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3 evergreen ideas for a Cosy Spring at home