Let’s Plan Your Day, Anxiety Free!

C.O.S.Y Up Daily

The Customizable Template &  4-Step Method to Make Your Daily Planner Works For You When You Want to Unwind From Overwhelm & Unlock More Me Time

Sounds familiar?

You’re dreaming to take a day off by 10 AM when you’re drinking your third black coffee.

You’re taking a glazed look at your 123 To Do’s of the day AND you know you have to be done by 3 PM because you got an appointment.

You’re working your butt off all day long and, by dinner time, you’re still on the fence to skip rest time to work more.

You’re wondering how on earth you’ll be at 5 PM at school to pick up your kids after their sports practice…

Eventually, you give up and you STOP using your pricey planners because NONE are really made to work for you, NOR supporting your daily life ups & downs.

Why would you throw away your beloved expensive planners when you can learn how to tweak them so they can work for you AND help you to feel comfy, cosy, and content each and every day? 

C.O.S.Y Up Daily is your plug & play solution to go from unproductive, boring To Do List to a simple, seasonal, sweet daily schedule.

I designed this online course to say “Goodbye to the hamster in the wheel” dreadful feeling of guilt, shame, and overwhelm.

And say “Hello to a calm, content, more balanced you. “


It’s possible to Get Things Done AND Unwind Every Day

Imagine being able to  create a customized daily planner so you can:

  • hang out with your kids guilt free on Saturday afternoon
  • relax in a bubble bath after you’re done with your housework
  • enjoy weekly potlocks with close friends
  • start family traditions like Friday night game boards
  • have an impromptu forest walking with your BFF
  • meet your Mom at a coffee shop for a pumpkin spice latte knowing everything is under control
  • write that play you’re dreaming to finish for years
  • start taking cooking lessons to wow your family
  • read a book with a glass of red wine after dinner with no remorse or guilt

All you need is a daily planner that works FOR you and NOT AGAINST you…

With C.O.S.Y Up Daily, the 4-step online course:

💡 you can turn any planner/ BuJo/ Bullet Journal you ALREADY own into a simple anxiety management tool you can use EVERY DAY.

💡  it shows you how to rely on simple things to get less moody

💡 it supports a more seasonal/ natural living

💡 it strengthens your own coping skills

💡 it helps you to reframe your mindset into a peaceful & calm place

💡 it declutters your brain from feeling numb

💡 it encourages you to take it one day at a time & ditch the fear of future failure

You owe yourself a simple tool to keep your Overwhelm checked

A tool…


  • you can use without long daunting learning curve so that you can start feeling better almost instantly after your purchase
  •  whose layout is matching ANY planner/ BuJo you have so that you save money and still enjoy your cherished planners
  • that suits your left handed needs so that you can experience the same quick benefits without the hassle of adapting the layout
  •  Designed with the Danish art of COSYness (=Hygge) in mind so that you can unlock the secret of the happiest people in the world in the comfort of your home
  • Minimalist by choice so that you can keep it uncluttered OR let your creativity takes over with washi tapes, doodles, drawings, or more…
  • Available 24/7 at your fingertips so that you can feel safe, hopeful, & motivated to focus on what matters to you (vs being a people pleaser, overachieving, being exhausted…)

And I get your back with a step-by-step, easy to follow process

(no sugar coating approach, no fluff, no cotton candy, no woowoo talk included)

I spent years believing I was a weirdo until I was diagnosed with High Functioning Anxiety & I discovered Hygge.

Back in 2013, I was landing at Paris airport with two gigantic pieces of luggage, 5 years of souvenirs from Montreal (Canada), and a PhD in Criminology.

I was exhausted, drained &, for the next 6 months, I was barely able to speak, walk outside, or just smile without crying. My voice was constantly chocked with tears.


Let’s face it…

I had to face a massive depression, a burn out, get a job quickly, and find a place to live (outside my teen bedroom).

I was feeling like a failure with no money, no job, no close friends…

I was pretty much homeless. 

Piling up self imposed pressure to move on, to get into the 9 to 5 life.

I was NOT living: I was surviving & I felt like I was missing something.

I was missing a Simple Process to get my life back on track & set me free at the same time.


I spent weeks trying to reinvent the wheel until a lightbulb hit me: “Use what worked during your 5 years in Montreal & tweak it”

This is how C.O.S.Y Up Daily is born & now I’m so thrilled to share it with you.

Since that day, I’ve been able to launch 3 online businesses, be there for my Mom who had major health issues, but I also managed time to regularly run 10k AND fall deeply in love with my faith.

you after Cosy Up Daily



When you enroll for C.O.S.Y Up Daily

You’ll get instant access to

  • The C.O.S.Y layout ready to download & to accommodate you (in A4/ A5 + portrait/ landscape)
  • Simple printing tips to be sure you’ll get the highest quality possible
  • 4 short & easy to implement lessons to master the C.O.S.Y method
  • Videos &/or photos for every lesson
  • Written recap for every lesson so you don’t have to watch videos
  • Workbooks & checklists to save you time taking notes
  • Tech trainings & DIY options so you can enjoy C.O.S.Y Up Daily without the hassle
  • Instant access as soon as you enroll: devour it all in once or at your own pace

+ Sweet Bonuses (value $397)

  • How to get the most out of the layout when you’re left handed/ love BuJo/ have a traditional planner…  (value $67)
  • Introductory course about Hygge & its basics so you can use it every single day (value $197)
  • special incentive for BuJo lovers (value $47) 
  • 49+ ideas to start your journey around Hygge (value $47)
  • Discounted rate for 1-on1 consultation with Ophelie
  • 21+ ideas for Hygge in Fall (value $27)
  • + every next update at NO COST (priceless)


The choice is yours…

Will you let self-Doubt keep you from having the life you deserve?


From that little voice that constantly tells you “You’re stupid”, “You’re unable to do this or that” “You’ll never be creative”

Or that dreadful impression you’ll screw your entire work day because you don’t have the “good” clothes or the “right” lingo to fit in

Or you’re feeling like the world is moving fast and you’re stuck in a rut, watching your life unfolding without any control on it… 

To avoiding social interactionsstaying locked in your room another night because you don’t know if you’re smart enough, attractive enough (or debriefing every social event afterwards to see if you were “not too weird” or “at least adequate”)


Blushing, trembling, & feeling dizzy is NOT how you’re supposed to spend your day. 

Take the driver seat back and ditch overwhelm TODAY!

Or will you keep your “To Do List fear” checked?

In C.O.S.Y Up Daily, you’ll learn:


💡How to come up with Non Negotiable Tasks to declutter your brain & give yourself a good dose of accomplishment

💡How to incorporate a high priority “If I can just do ONE thing today”

💡How to manage other aspects of your life like meals/ water/ hobbies/ brain dump

💡How to adapt the layout to be used in ANY planner

💡How to start your Hygge journey so you can recognize & cope with your anxiety smoothly

💡How to use the COSY method to document, track your mood, & release self-imposed pressure 

From our Happy Clients

I bought The Hygge Planner Christmas Kit last December and I got so many compliments from my guests. I can’t thank you enough and I’m planning to reuse it this year because I know how to customize ALL the elements. Best $47 spent in 2017

– Joan

“OMG. Your gallery and words are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for being You!”

pink2city (on Instagram)


“I am following your Blog and I am proud member of The Hygge Lounge Online Community 🤗 Now I am happy even more because I accidentally found your profile on Instagram. My daily dose of Happiness (Hygge) Much love to you ❤️”

raisinghappysouls (on Instagram)

Start feeling better for o,13 cts a day…

Deluxe Kit

Upcoming January 2019
  • The C.O.S.Y layout
  • The 4-step method to handle anxiety
  • How to use the layout to get things done & unwind
  • Printing tips
  • How to tweak and customize the layout to fit into your beloved planners
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • The Cosy Ritual Blueprint: How to create a morning & evening routine that frame your day with cosiness (so that you don’t feel drained by 10 AM)
  • BONUS: 49+ ideas to begin your Hygge lifestyle
  • BONUS: 21+ ideas for a Hygge Fall/ Autumn
  • BONUS: 7 tools under $7 to start your Bullet Journal

You’re a winner no matter what…

with our 14-day guarantee

We give you 14 days to ask for a FULL refund if:

– you can prove you’ve made your purchase in the last 14 days (send a screenshot of your invoice)


– you did NOT open any lesson from the online course. Our online course platform includes a built in tracker to know which lesson you opened. –> Introduction/ Welcome messages do NOT count as lessons

If you are in this situation, please email us at clientcare@TheHyggePlanner.com with all your proofs and allow us up to 48 hours from Monday to Friday to proceed.

My A’s to your Frequent Q’s

When will I have access to the course?
You can enroll from today to October 21st 2018 to secure our best price on C.O.S.Y Up Daily ($47 instead of $77). 

After you enroll, you’ll get access to a welcome package with all the details you need to wait up to October 22nd 2018 when I’ll be releasing the ENTIRE course. 

I want to quit my therapy or my medication
NEVER EVER quit a medication without the agreement of your physician.
You should ALWAYS ask for a professional help EVERY TIME you feel anxious, depressed, moody or any other state of mind that lasts.
Using C.O.S.Y Up Daily or reading this page is NOT meant to be a diagnosis NOR to establish any patient- physician relation.

I want to resell &/or share C.O.S.Y Up Daily with my friends...
Sorry but NO.

C.O.S.Y Up Daiy is for personal use only and you have NO right to resell, crop, modify, adapt, share or any other way to communicate the course (even for FREE).
To know more about your rights, visit https://thehyggeplanner.com/terms-and-conditions/

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever! Once you’ve enrolled and paid, you’ll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow.

It’s your choice!

I don't have the money
We’ve decided to price C.O.S.Y Up Daily at the lowest price point possible so it’s affordable for everyone.
Does an anxiety management tool worth 0,13 cts per day so you can be calm and happy?

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
Well, I would be sad. But if you’re really unhappy with the course, AND you didn’t open ANY lesson from the course just email me within 14 days to get a full refund. CourseCraft has a reporting system to know which lessons you open and my team will use that built in system as a proof for the refund.

I'm not sure if I'll have the time to go through all the materials...
If you can give me 5 minutes per lesson, you’ll make progress quicker than you think.
Most of the materials can be downloaded and used immediately.
Follow your own pace and review the course as often as you need

It won't work for me... That seems too hard for me
Each step and each lesson is designed to be short and sweet. I hate fluff and I go to the point without second guessing.

Why should I trust you?
I’ve been where you are now for years. I know the pain and the courage it takes to wake up each day, to fear every ring bell, to avoid any outdoor situation.
I want to support you, to help you to take the very first step. I know you can do it.

It will require wayyyy too many accessories to make it works
*NOPE… *
you can keep it very simple (like I do) and you don’t have to spend any more money on accessories (unless you want it)

I still have a question, how can I contact you?
I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at clientcare@thehyggeplanner.com and allow us up to 48 hours to answer (from Monday to Friday)

Legal Disclaimer: This Content is for information purpose ONLY. Results may NOT be typical or under similar GUARANTEE. Always ask for a professional advice when needed. The Hygge Planner is NOT meant to diagnose, suggest, or give any medical advice. For more info about our terms & conditions, visit https://thehyggeplanner.com/te…

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