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Ep 53: How to create a Hygge Streak & stick with it

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #53, today I’m talking about how to create a Hygge Streak & stick with it

Getting started is always the hardest point in every thing you perform. 


Remember your kid first steps, or you as a teen when you wanted to run your first 5k, to the rehearsal for Romeo & Juliet… or the first time you cooked an apple pie. 


Those first attempts were courageous but there weren’t always crowned with success. But you kept trying and, eventually, you ended running a 5k in 20 min or to win an apple pie contest or you trust yourself enough to try something new … cos you KNOW how it works.


In this episode,I’ll discuss:

  • Why a Hygge streak is like any other habit to form
  • The step by step process I used to create and keep mine up
  • How you can start right off the bat (after listening the podcast)  


The best is yet to come.

One of the easiest and more simple way to start is by taking action… Nothing fancy just the very first step to see how you feel and how it goes when you practise Hygge for a month.

That’s why I designed my “one-page Hygge”: the cosiest way to feel better every day. Check it out at

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Ep 53: How to create a Hygge Streak & stick with it