Oh yes… Holidays Season is getting so so close


Each and every year, it’s the same pattern (at least in Europe). Halloween is barely over and we already see Christmas items, Santa Claus, Reindeers, Angels, Trees… and everything in between. But the truth is, you may be looking for something a little more Scandinavian yet affordable and cute way to decorate your table for the Holidays. 


Or you’ve been awarded the Best Host/Hostess of your whole family on a yearly basis. That IS an honour but let’s face it, it can be overwhelming to manage your daily life, your 9-to-5 job (or your business), your family routine plus, ON TOP OF that, finding time to plan/ anticipate/ research/ create something new/cute/original.


I see you mentally processing thousands To Do Lists as you’re reading and I can even picture your virtual cloud of ideas/ inspiration following you. It IS hard to keep it simple & to make it different without becoming a semi-pro event planner or exploding your budget


(I don’t even mention the hours of internet search where you fall down the rabbit hole… with NO certainty to find something that matches your needs).

The reason we’ve ALL done that at least once: NO ONE wants the exact same decoration year after year after year.


That’s why we’re so happy to offer you our FREE Lite Kit


[FREE GIFT] Delightful & easy way to have a Hygge Christmas Table

We’ve chosen to include THREE basics you will need for any Christmas parties (no matter if you want a full Christmas decoration or something more subtle)

– ONE Santa Letter designed by my great friend Ana to be Santa Claus approved

– EIGHT gift tags to customise your gifts experience in no time and yes, some of them are already tailored with those cute Penguins

– THREE menus templates that even the 3 star restaurants would love to have to wow your guests

Why should you download the Lite Kit as soon as possible?

Because you’re awesome… Yes, we already know that.

The truth is when you download the Lite Kit, you’ll have the chance to:
– attend FREE live training to create more custom Scandinavian decorations…
– receive a special offer for the launch of The Hygge Christmas Party FULL Kit
– secure early bird pricing for all our upcoming events in 2018

[FREE GIFT] Delightful & easy way to have a Hygge Christmas Table

Santa Letter

[FREE GIFT] Delightful & easy way to have a Hygge Christmas Table

Menus Templates

[FREE GIFT] Delightful & easy way to have a Hygge Christmas Table

Gifts Tags