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How To Turn Your Home Into A Scandinavian Haven

Today, I’m talking about the basics of Scandinavian Design you can incorporate in your home to feel peaceful and calm.

Disclaimer: To create a haven at home, you don’t HAVE to ONLY use Scandinavian design. In fact, every interior design style will do the job.

Whether you’re a cottage woman, a post modern industrial penthouse, a tiny house with super decluttered interior, ALL of these styles WILL bring you a comfy feeling of peace, warmth, calm, and contentment. 

Find inspiration around you (maybe on Pinterest, some magazines, real life homes) but, I beg you to think about it BEFORE investing $$$ in a revamp. —> or asking your beloved hubby, SO, uncle, dad, sister or everything in between to spend the next 20 weekends to move your house upside down. Thank me later… or not 🥳

Why do you want a Scandinavian haven? 

Unless you’re back from a travel to the Moon, you hopefully have heard about Hygge. Since 2016, Meik Wiking has kindly shared what the Danish people is doing to rank on the top 3 of the happiest countries in the world. –> Got your re-run HERE

One way to enjoy Hygge is to create a safe place at home so you, your kids, your fur babies, your friends could chill, relax, and de-stress in a cosy & comfy place. 

Of course, Meik Wiking is pointing out what he knows the best: Scandinavian design. Mostly bright, full of nature, with ecofriendly furniture, and natural textures: it’s easy to live into this design. 

The sweet part is the colour palette: white, teal, yellow, green. (this is the basic colour palette for a Scandinavian haven, but feel free to google colour palette ideas and you’ll find thousands of ideas).

In this “Scandinavian Haven” episode, I’ll discuss:

  • The idea that we ALL should be drawn to Scandinavian Design (pretty ironic in fact)
  • Three characteristics of Scandinavian Design that MUST be taking into consideration
  • Why Scandinavian Design is perfect to start your Hygge journey during Summer  

Ready to create a Haven with a Scandinavian twist? The best is yet to come.

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