The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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Today, I’m talking about How to avoid September anxiety panic

Because, let’s face it. After a sunny (hopefully chilly) Summer, clock is ticking and September is showing up loud and clear. 

In plain English, it means:

  • getting back on track with tighter schedule
  • squeezing kid’s football practice into afternoon
  • making lunch boxes from Monday to Friday
  • shrinking your Me Time to a void… (unfortunately) 

For most Hygge lovers, it’s also the moment when you’re “allowed” to get your hygge back.

Truth is, Hygge is a feeling you can experience all year long and you don’t have to wait until a special season to embrace it.  <– Ok, that’s another story. Take a look at this article or this one

September is also the moment when anxiety is showing up

It’s particularly true for quiet/ introvert Humans who need to spend more time alone to recharge than their extroverts counterparts. 

Don’t get me wrong, extroverts are not better or worse than introverts. They, both, have a different way of dealing with human interactions. 

This is a BONUS episode which means… you’ll get a longer version of the podcast. So seat comfortably and enjoy your cup of tea/ coffee. We’re starting right now.

I’ll discuss:

  • Why your quiet habits are helping you more than you think
  • How I used ONE trick to keep my anxiety checked
  • How to overcome intimidation & fear of failureThe difference between cosiness & laziness 


The best is yet to come.

If you’re dreaming to take a day off (or two) by 10 AM when you’re having your third black coffee…

Or you’d love to pick up your kids after school with that calm and peaceful feeling of accomplishment….

Then, chances are the way you use your time is not supporting your lifestyle. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to waste weeks to test new tactics NOR to toss your beloved Erin Condren’s planner to feel calm & confident every day. 

In fact, here’s how you can turn any planner/ BuJo you already own into a simple & effective overwhelm management tool (and, yep, it’s designed with the Danish way of life in mind so it’s packed with cosiness, hominess, & Hygge) 

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