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Today I’m talking about … Surprisingly Affordable Ideas To Create an inviting Home Decor for Fall)

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #20, your 8-min break to make the Danish way of life simple & plan a lifestyle that cares for you and your cosiness.

Fall/ Autumn is a wonderful season to start living the Danish way of life. Ok, I’m assuming that you’re living in the North hemisphere though. 

When time is getting darker and temperature is getting chiller, we’re naturally drawn it change your interior decor to match what’s going on outside. 

While I was making some research for this episode, I read an article about the #1 reason why the Danish citizens are so happy all year long. (Despite the fact that natural light is lower than ever, it may rain, it may snow…etc..). 

The answer is so simple that everyone can follow it: They refuse to let the weather dictate their emotions or the way the feel.

That’s totally normal! Yet, it doesn’t mean you have to load up your credit card or to take another mortgage. Truth is, there’s a more natural and frugal way to take advantage of the amazing colours from Fall AND save money.  

Grab your Hygge Journal and your pen.

I’ll discuss:

  • What you can add in your home decor for Fall
  • How you can create a fall-packed home scent 100% natural
  • What you can do to spend the best Fall possible The difference between cosiness & laziness

The best is yet to come.

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