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Today I’m talking about how you can turn your home into a peaceful hearth.

The idea is to fall in love with your hearth and NOT to have a Country Lifestyle Home ready to shoot on 24/7. 

I’m often amazed by the time and the effort most of my friends deployed when it comes to spending a lot of hard earn money into fancy, trendy, fad decorations. 

I guess it make them feel “in” or “up to date” but, the truth is… They quickly get bored by the fluffy white feathers macrame blanket or the pastel pink unicorn onesie or the greenery set of 5 cushions on top of their yellow mustard sofa.

Same goes with what they hang on their walls… What’s the point to change your overall decoration just to follow what’s in the magazine? 

Looking for inspiration vs being slave to trends

To me, home decor magazines are amazing for:

  • home decor professional like event decorator/ interior decorator..
  • first home/ flat ideas when you don’t really know what you want to create 
  • ideas for special moments like wedding/ baby shower…

Unless you’re ready to spend at least 100$ per month to get 3 or 4 magazines, you’d better take a look at brochures/ booklet from furniture shops because they’re already giving away tonnes of ideas and it’s totally FREE. 

You’ll need all your money when you’ll have to replace your bed, your mattress, or your sectional sofa… so be wise and don’t fall into the marketing trap of trends for home. 

In today’s episode, I’ll discuss:

  • Why decor trends are not made with you in mind
  • The easiest way to have a welcoming home 
  • How to come up with Hygge ideas for your house

The best is yet to come.

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