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Today, I’m talking about how your daily routine affects your wellbeing

Day in and day out, you’re repeating almost the exact same patterns. I’m sure most of those repetitive activities are very healthy like brushing your teeth, showering, brushing your hair, eating veggies. 

But not all the routines are made healthy and supportive

In fact, if you’re anything like me, you love helping others. You’re ready to take over tough tasks so your kids/ spouse/ significant others/ neighbours have enough time to:

  • take some time off chilling
  • enjoying some online gaming
  • practice sports
  • go to the hair dresser
  • go to watch a movie
  • ….

I’m not promoting you to be greedy or not supportive with your relatives/ friends but to realize that your time is precious as well. And you’ve got the right (or the moral duty) to take a close look on how you spend your 24 hours. 

To support you in rethinking the way you use your time, you can take a look at my 10-min way to start feeling Hygge HERE

Before, I dive into today’s episode, I want you to remind that questioning your routines is a safe way to become aware of your own confidence.

You can be the most caring person in the world but, if you don’t take care of what makes you happy, you’ll end up drained & exhausted (without even realizing it). 

In today’s episode, I’ll discuss:

  • How to be a healthy role model for your kids
  • Why mindless tasks are damaging your self confidence
  • How I stopped relying on my app for daily planning

The best is yet to come.

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