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Today, I’m talking about being a sensible buyer.

It’s far too easy to open up your wallet and buy another blanket when you feel blue or exhausted, or tired, or angry. 

But, chances are if you take a look at your actual stock of blankets, you probably have enough —– (blankets/ coffee mugs/ plants/ succulents/ books…) insert your own favorite (almost mindless) buying habit. 

I’m guilty of loving… really loving coffee mugs to the point that I bought up a memory of every place I lived (so it brings me memory) 

That said I’m not a compulsive buyer and I can’t emphasize enough the difference between buying a souvenir (like a legacy) and buying a new item you don’t need. 

To be honest, I’m challenging you to know if you really need that new blanket you’re lurking on for weeks?  

Before you throw me candles and cinnamon buns, this episode is made for people who already have more than enough to live comfortably but they feel trapped by marketers or new items that pop every Tuesday at 8 am… 

I’ll discuss:

  • Why the shining object syndrome costs you an arm and a leg every year
  • How to make sensible choices (even for your kids toys)
  • Why the more is not always the better (and nope, I’m not a Konmari fan at all)

The best is yet to come.

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