The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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Today I’m sharing why you should treat your home as your “in real life” comfort zone. Hey, breaking news… Magic happens also inside it!  

It’s a topic I wanted to address for such a long time. I wished I had more courage a couple of years ago when I realised how damageable it could be to constantly push yourself outside a so called comfort zone. 

The idea that you can grow only OUTSIDE a place where you feel comfortable makes me cringe because it’s made out of a false set of premises:

1/ that everyone of us has grown up with a comfort zone

2/ that everyone is capable to recognize what a comfort zone is

3/ that everyone is made out of the same mould (aka what the majority says is THE universal truth)

Guess what, I’ve another way of thinking. You can learn how to create a real life comfort zone if you’ve never felt you’ve got one as a kid or as an adult (like I did).

But, more importantly, you can use it to operate as your zone of genius and stretch it as much as you want.

By doing so, you’re constantly incorporate what’s coming and reaching new skills, new ways of dealing with things WHILE feeling safe, secure, and confident. 

I’ll tell you way more about it in this week’s episode. 👇🏻

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #26, your 8-min break to make the Danish way of life simple & plan a lifestyle that cares for you and your cosiness.

I’ll discuss:

  • Why your environment is more important than you think
  • How to stand for what matters IRL
  • Why you shouldn’t accept everyone’s opinionThe best is yet to come.

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