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Today I’m talking about How You Can Create A Real Life Comfort At Home

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #26, your 8-min break to make the Danish way of life simple & plan a lifestyle that cares for you and your cosiness.

There’s a myth I can’t stand anymore….  that “magic” is ALWAYS outside of your comfort zone.

That may be true for some of you but it’s definitely not working for everyone.

When you don’t feel safe and secured, when you’re not sure whether or not you’ll have what you need to live… it would be pretty dangerous to risk everything.

I moved 32 times in 37 years…

I was trapped under my house when she collapsed due to a storm… I’ve lost all my childhood memories more than once… I don’t know what a comfort zone is.

So I decided to create one… a physical one where I choose who comes and who I ban. and guess what? It’s called my home!


In This Episode, I’ll Discuss:


  • Treat your environment as a Non Negotiable place where YOU make the rules
  • Stand for what matters to you
  • You don’t HAVE to accept everything and anyone

Not everyone grew up with an internal comfort zone.

Even if it’s kind of sad, that’s just a fact. You can choose to create your own external comfort zone by treating your home or your apartment as a haven where you’ll feel safe, secured, and capable.

It takes only a couple of adjustments and you’re so worthy. I know you can do it.


Guess what? The best is yet to come.

What do you think about the idea that “Magic” comes only outside the comfort zone?

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