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The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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Today, it’s our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for The Hygge Planner Show

A full year of podcasting with its ups, and its downs. But so much fun no matter what. 

This episode is a wrap up from my first year in the podcasting world + a chance to thank you for showing up every Friday when I release a new episode.

Stay until the end, I may have some important news to reveal about season 2..

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: What was awesome

– You (more than 10 000 listeners in just 29 episodes… ) it’s mind blowing

– I found a very funny and interactive medium to share more about Hygge

– The Hygge planner show has been featured in podcast review

– this first year was incredible, I didn’t really know what I was jumping into. I got so many emails, comments, people who join the hygge online community.

– a real blessing

-2: The hygge planner has gone through major ups and down,

– lot of doubt, hopes, gratitude,

– so many fears to tackle… (being quiet/ introvert… overcoming mean comments and rude critics)  to inspire every person who take the time to listen, read, follow…

– not a traditional influencer who follows every bubble trends

– not trying to gather thousands and thousands of people for the sake of bragging about big numbers, it’s about making a difference, helping people to realize how awesome you are right now… how crucial the way we use time and manage time so that you feel safe and secured.

-3: What’s coming next season:

  – Cosy Up Daily as the entry point to a cosier, safer, decluttered lifestyle. Don’t try to add another layer… but begin by making space in what you have. Make your planner works for you and not against you. → Unless you know how you use your time, you won’t be able to have a healthier lifestyle based on cosiness, hominess, safety, and comfort.

→ To make even more useful, I’ll be releasing a Deluxe Kit where I’ll be sharing the Sandwich method so you can frame your day with meaningful cosy rituals


  • Seasonal Masterclass: 2-hour every seasonal change where I’ll guide you to close the past 13 weeks and to set up the next 13 weeks with Hygge, cosiness, hominess in mind. → very limited seats available to have time to help/ answer every question.


  • 30-day Hygge: how to implement the Danish way of life (=Hygge) for people who want to stop fitting in & be unapologetically yourself –> you’ll learn how to create your own comfort zone (using the Essentials of Hygge) to feel confident

The best is yet to come.

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