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Today I’m talking about Hygge decoration for home with a little danish twist

If you’re celebrating Christmas, chances are you’re in the midst of finding last minute ideas to delight your guests/ family/ friends/ in laws/ pets/ you name it.

Maybe, you’re pulling your hair out to create a coherent, cohesive home decor (or even you’re trying to find easy ways to create a welcoming table for your next gatherings)

Truth is you’ve got several options:

  • hiring someone to do it for yourself
  • gather all you have and pray that it will look good together
  • DIYing it


If you’re like me and you love DIYing here are my 3 tips to you

In this week’s episode, I’ll discuss:

  • DIYing takes time so don’t underestimate how long it takes to create that beautiful wrath, center table, pillar candles…

  • Beware of the colours mix
  • Keep things simple

To host a memorable Christmas/ Holiday party is less about how much you’ve spent on the menu but more about how you make people feel.

My best Christmas remains the one I spend in London with my Mum eating sandwiches and drinking tea because we totally messed up things and we didn’t know that most restaurant are full this night.

The best is yet to come.

What you’re sweetest Hygge memory when it comes to decorate your home? What was the occasion? Why do you remind this moment in particular?

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