Ready for a quick mind-reading session?



Throw me a chocolate cookie if this doesn’t sound familiar:

“Your Danish thing is too good to be true… I don’t want to stay all the time on my couch so I’ll feel cozy. Nah.. Nah!”


“I love all the theories around Hygge and coziness for me and my family, but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do on a daily basis. I have no time to brainstorm it. I’m too busy and my kids/ my job/ my family needs me first.”

“I’m sick and tired of all those woowoo superficial tips around. I need something down to earth… Something I could apply without a PhD in metaphysics.”

Don’t fret, I don’t have a CCTV in your living room. (+ I didn’t receive any cookie so I assume you’re still with me)



Guess what? I know how frustrating it could be to start something new without any guidance nor any “rules” to follow.

😪 You feel tired to try again (you’ve done it so many times before and you’re still at square one).

😤 You’re wondering how on earth such a simple thing can be used in your western life.

😱 You’re doubting your worth and your confidence to have a livable life where you could do more than just surviving.

🤔 You’re questioning why you should trust me to embrace a cosiness-based lifestyle when everybody is screaming “get out of your comfort zone”.



I know what it’s like to:


  • feel lost and confused
  • crave alone time but you feel guilty
  • run a business like a champ but you’re so behind on your personal life
  • let yourself down cos you don’t feel worthy of love, respect
  • feel insecure and unsafe even at home



Wouldn’t it be cool if you:



  • ✨ carve 5 minutes for you per day without guilt?
  • ✨ tap into what you’re naturally good at with confidence?
  • ✨ ditch your need for balance cos it’s just not for you?
  • ✨ break free from the urge to fit in?
  • ✨ decrease your stress and anxiety almost on demand?


When you have a Done-For-You solution that gives you ALL the answers you need to turn the idea of Hygge (Danish art of cosiness) into a real life reality then you:

  • feel more calm

  • have a ready to use solution at your fingertips

  • save time and energy to keep your family happy

  • manage alone time with confidence

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Essentially Hygge is your Go To resources when you need to escape from routine and you don’t want to let your brain enter in a “survival mode”.


When I’m about to snap, I know I need a quick and healthy fix, that’s why I designed Essentially Hygge as a PDF.


  • 📩 you can download it
  • 🖨️ you can print it
  • 🔐 always close to you
  • 😚 available when you need (stop wasting time to log in on a platform… to get the tips you need)
  • 😎 ready to use when you need it the most


Just in case you don’t know who’s behind the computer


Hi! I’m Ophelie.

Empath. Highly Sensible. Chocoaholic. Close to 40. I went through depression, near death experience, and massive anxiety that left me off track, lost & confused.

With The Hygge Planner, I want to inspire you to rock your comfort zone & practise everyday cosiness so you can be unapologetically confident & happy.

I know what it takes to get out of bed when you cried all night.

That endless pain in your stomach that hurts so much you want to make it stop just for a second.

That flow of thoughts, the negative conversation you play over and over in your head…

That overwhelming feeling of over-analyzing that leaves you stuck and frozen…

That moment you realize you’ve not taken a day off since months or years.

That dreadful impression that you’re worthless, useless, convinced to suffer no matter what.


When you tried everything and there’s no hope outside, it’s ok to take your time and follow your own path.




Hygge (the Danish art of cosiness) litterally saved me by realizing my way of living was not crazy or stupid… that somewhere on the planet, a whole country was following those principles and they rank on the top 3 happiest countries in the world.



It’s NOT the only way to reach happiness and confidence but I know this way helped me and it’d be a honour to guide you through it.

✨You deserve to you feel as comfy as at home, confident in your own skills, & capable to dare living the life you want ✨


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