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The Unapologetic Manifesto

Your daily reminder to slow down, take it easy, & screw unsolicited advice. This Manifesto is the secret tool I’ve been using since 2011. Now you can grab it.

(Already downloaded by +1000 unapologetic Humans)

The Tea Pot-ster

Need some inspiration to spark your creativity & tap into your natural talents? Don’t blush. You’re smart AF… I see it through the screen.

This poster is inspired by my Mom and her inconditional support from childhood. I’m grateful to share it with you.


Cosiness 101

As an Intuitive and/or a Maverick, you beat at your own drum & you need simple, easy to implement, & fun ways to recharge & protect your self for emotional overload. 

That’s why I designed a whole toolbox so that you can jumpstart your journey &  practice the Danish way of life based on cosiness called Hygge.

The Podcast Notes

Every 2 weeks, on The Hygge Planner Show ( 115 + episodes available on 11 platforms & 100 000+ downloads), I share tips, debunk myths, provide guidance, & stories on how you can craft a lifestyle that cares for you (free from BS, mainstream crap, & self-help guilt)

“Mind blowing way to connect the dots & make sense. I love Purdey’s approach & her perspective was such a relieved for my exhausted mind.”

Unleash your genius

Struggling to turn your ideas/ insights into actionable & real life plans?
→ You’re not alone.
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How Intuitives & Offbeats ditch useless goals & resolutions for good, 
tick long awaited dreams off your bucket list, & still enjoy good life 
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What’s your Lucky Charm?

Feel meh about your ability to create a lifestyle that supports your freedom, your love for the unknown, & your uncanny set of skills

Then, it’s time to add a splash of magic in your reality & discover what your lucky is (& how it’ll help you in your every day life)

lucky charm quiz comfort zone rocks

Hi I'm Purdey.


MAVEN, MISFIT, & MYSTIC who hates small talks, BS, fad trends, & mainstream crap.

Obsessed with hard rock, red lipstick, reading tarot/ oracle, I'm also an intuitive introvert who thrives by crafting blueprints before taking a leap of faith.

I’m a firm believer that happiness & unapologetic living require these two sides, and how you weave them together should be as unique as your DNA.

Want more?

French artist with a passion for kawaii & sketchnotes, I'm also the creator of The Hygge Planner & the author of Comfort Zone Rocks.

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