Curious About Hygge But Tired Of Daunting

Learning Curve To Make It Applicable?

You’re On The Right Spot To:



-Wrap Your Head Around The Idea Of Hygge

-Put This Idea Into Action At Home & With Your Whole Family

-Craft A Hygge Real Life Comfort Zone & Turn It Into A 24/7 Confidence

“Magic” Happens INSIDE Comfort Zone As Well

Getting Out Of It Is So Overpraised

You should get the tools to craft a life that looks like you with Hygge: Cosy, Homey, & Confident.

How To Start Your Hygge Journey:

Tired To Feel Like You’re NOT Doing Enough?

What if you can beat at your own drum AND design a lifestyle where you are your #1 priority?

What About 108 Hygge Ideas To Test With Your Family?

Are you looking to achieve Hyge even if you’ve got a busy schedule, 3 kids, and 9 pets to take care of? 

You should have a quiet, cosy, comfy lifestyle that support you & your family day in and day out.

New to Hygge?

Wonderful! Start with the blog or the podcast. PS: Grab your favourite mug, it’s about to be awesome.

A place where cosiness comes true

Exhausted to feel the peer/ social/ family/ partner pressure on your shoulders? 

Dreaming of staying at home with your loved ones enjoying your fireplace or reading a book with a coffee? 

The Hygge Planner helps you to implement the Danish philosophy of happiness (Hygge).

Embracing simple pleasure, loving beauty creations from Nature, slowing down and, finally, living a life that creates memories to share.  

The Hygge Planner delivers straightforward, to the point, online courses  to let you know that a real life, Hygge inspired, comfort zone is a chance to be confident, capable, & unapologetically yourself

Your Words About The Hygge Planner:

I may not always have time to catch her Live videos or fb updates, but when I do I absolutely LOVER them! So honest and encouraging! I think it’s amazing. xx


I’m so excited to have you here Ophelie. 😊 Oh yessss, fellow chocolate addict here and I also LOVE bentos! 😍 I think it’s so neat that you love writing plays. 😄 I’ve never heard of Hygge before, now I need to go find out what it is. Haha love it!

Allison Marshall

Founder of Wonderlass

I love The Hygge Planner. So personable and so sweet. Love her DIY tutorials.


This capture is so lovely! I just checked your other pictures and i love it 😊 keep it up. I hope you like mine as well 🌷🌸🌹🌺


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