Craft, Plan, & Rely on A Lifestyle That Cares For You

The Only Planner Made For Highly Sensitive/ Empath


Designed to be a cosy haven to craft, plan, and enjoy a lifestyle that cares for you, it’s everything but your typical planner—it’s made with your introvert/ quiet/ highly sensitive personality in mind.

With a clean & lean design, you’re encouraged to master your time, to rely on your inner compass & practise cosiness so you can navigate your life smoothly, tap into your natural wisdom/intuition, and be unconditionally you.

Made to be your 24/7 personal assistant, it’s ready to cheer you up when you need – to remind you to slow down when you lose sight of your cosiness – to challenge you to face your fears when you need to.

I sincerely hope The Hygge Planner will become your cosy & safe place to craft your quiet lifestyle, own your unique personality and enjoy it.

How To Get The Most Out Of  The Hygge Planner


1/ Embrace Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is like a tree. It grows with you as you develop your skills and talents. 

Use it at your own advantage. Ground yourself on what you’re already good at. 

2/ Expand Comfort Zone

Use the outer of the tree to take ONE decision. It can be about your mind, body or soul. 

Take it easy: all you may need is ONE thing you can improve in the next 30  days 

DISCLAIMER: if you have the 90-day version, your decision may be cover all the 90 days then you break it down into tiny bites.

3/ Break It Down

Check the LEFT page.

It’s where you’ll break down your decision into small bites. How?

– Give yourself 15 min of “DO NOT DISTURB”

– Brainstorm & jot down the tangible actions you’d need to complete your decision (ask yourself “What can I do to make it happen?”) 

– Don’t fret if it’s not in the “right” order –> use the circle to reorder them later

4/ Make it Real

Every week, you got a dedicated space (top right) to rewrite the actions you’ll accomplish THIS week. 

Use it as your tracker (if you enjoy it) or as a reminder of what you’ll crush to make your dream comes true.

PRO TIP: when you’ve written your weekly actions, block a time every day to accomplish it

5/ Cross The Finish Line

Check the RIGHT page

It’s time to close the month. 

Read the prompts and check what you’ve accomplished. 

It’s time to celebrate!

Sneak Peek Of Inside Pages



Smarter Than Your Typical Planner…

The cosiest planner for introverts, quiet, and highly sensitive people.

Lean Layout + Extra Dotted Pages

Enough space to manage your daily schedule. 

Full Size (8,5 x 11 in)

Choose what suits your needs (& it'll fit in your purse/school bag/ luggage). The Monthly planner is FULL size while the Daily Planner is SMALL size.

6 Months at a glance

Stay ahead of your planning or use one page per Human in your house.

Cosiness Kit

 Ever felt blue? Soothe your mood & cheer you up.

Comfort Zone Builder

Stack up your wins, success, skills, and talents (so you can get over the fear of the first step)

Brainstorm & Follow Up

Craft plan, and keep up the lifestyle you want with curated templates.No motivation needed.

Weekly Quote & Tips

Find inspiration and creativity with tips, quotes, and doodles.

Smooth Cover & Silky Paper

Enjoy the quality of a 80gsm paper to minimize bleed & smudge + a matte soft cover

24-hour time frame EVERY day

A praise for all the night shifters, early roosters, and night owls around. 

HOTD (Hygge Of The Day)

Get a daily reminder to slow down, and embrace a sweet moment every day.

Weekly Focus

Move the needle to make your dream comes true with laser focused actions.

Clean Lean Design With Extra Space For Notes

& ONE 🌳 planted for every purchase.

The ONLY Planner You’ll Want In Your Life

to feel comfy, capable, and creative.

Get yours today!