The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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There’s always a learning before before you stick to a new skill/ habit/ talent.

Unless you’re a natural genius with a super brain (which I’m sure you are), no one can go  from total newbie to absolute expert in a blink of an eye. Whether it’s making strawberry jam, knitting, writing, dancing, even driving takes practice.


Same goes with Hygge. Before it becomes a second nature like breathing or brushing your teeth, you may go through some levels…. Yes, exactly like in a quest but there’s no big ugly boss to kill with mashed bananas at the end.


Hygge is an all inclusive/ all in one package. You take it or you leave it.

That said when you’re in front of this package, you can choose which path is best for you (front inside out or from outside in)  

But that’s something I’ll tell you more about when I’ll be releasing my roadmap to Hygge (you can download it for FREE when you join the waiting list for Hygge Made Simple©: the beginner’s course to introduce and incorporate Hygge when you’re busy and you’ve got a tight budget). Get yours HERE


For now, let’s see what are the steps you’ll need to go through so you can say that Hygge is an active part of your lifestyle.

Today I’m talking about how to start living Hygge (but more importantly how to stick with this healthy habit)

I’ll discuss only 2 out of the 3 steps so you’ll get a better overview of what Hygge as a habit is:

  • Step 1: The Discovery of Hygge (if you answer “of witches” I’ll know you’re a smart reader of Deborah Harkness’s books)


  • Step 2: The Practice of Hygge


Hygge is not a new layer on top of your endless To Do List. It’s a gentle way to declutter what pollutes you by choosing what’s important to you: showing off or showing up.


Hygge won’t probably help you to simplify your life BUT as you embrace/ understand/ practice Hygge, you’ll naturally and easily make decisions that will drastically simplify the way you live.


You can add some Hygge sparkles here and there in your week to test the water.


Eventually, you’ll start adding more and more cosiness to your day to the point that Hygge will be something you’ll be looking for.


Practice will strengthen your comfort zone which means, you’ll feel more and more confident in your own ability to be a role model for your kids… to be a better spouse, a serene friend, a calm colleague.

The best is yet to come.

Hygge takes practice period.

You can practice alone and learn from your trial and errors (which totally acceptable) if you’re not at ease with joining a community or you can consider to join Hygge Made Simple© where you’ll get the tools and the resources to test the water, and turn the idea of Hygge into a real life habit. (first launch on May 2019 with best affordable price ever)

Depending on when you’ll be reading this blog post, Hygge Made Simple© may be sold out, so I encourage you to join the waiting list so you’ll be notified when the next launch will occur 

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