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Below you’ll find all the help you need to get the most out of The Hygge Planner:

  • how to start
  • which pens I use
  • how I decorate mine
  • how to set up the planner in a binder
  • etc…

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Pens I love

If you’re new to the stationery world, here is what I love to use because:

  • they dry quickly
  • they rarely bleed through the page
  • they are left handed friendly

You can buy them at your favorite local store (like Staples), or order them online (like on Amazon)

PS: if you use my link below, you’ll be able to order them while staying comfy at home drinking your coffee (and you’ll support me as well)

Not sure what to use, I feel you. I curated my go to tools from Amazon (as a point of reference and/or a place where you can shop without losing the comfort of your home).

I’m part of the Amazon Influencer Program meaning I get rewarded in money when you make purchase from my link. The prices remain the same for you and I got NO access to any of your personal, financial data when you purchase on Amazon.

Decorations I love

If stickers make you feel extra cosy & super confident (like SuperMan wearing his costume before rescuing a cat stuck in tree), then you’ll love my selections:

  • washi tapes (think about it as a fancy scotch made with paper)
  • planner stickers

How To Start Using The Hygge Planner

Below you’ll find all you need to get the most out of your month.

Take your time and if you have any question, drop me a line at

How To

1/ Find the Survival Guide Page

Based on the Hygge Essentials blog, this page is meant to be your go to resources when you feel blue.

How To

2/ Choose your categories

  • No need to fill the entire survival guide to make it effective
  • Take a close look and select at least two or three categories
How To

3/ Brainstorm

  • For each category, find 3 actions that would lift your mood, cheer you up and make you smile
  • Need prompts?
    • Is this activity easy to do on the go?
    • Is is affordable? budget friendly?
    • Do I have all I need already to do it?

Hint: There’s no right or wrong activity. Choose what’s meaningful to you. For some examples, check HERE

How To

4/ When & How to use this guide?

Every time you feel blue or you need to cheer yourself up. 

Open your planner, check the survival guide and pick up ONE activity.

It can be as simple as listening a song or drinking some tea…. Less is more for our happiness.

Step 1: The Survival Guide

Inspired by the Hygge Essentials (read more than 500k), you can brainstorm activities & things that may soothe your mind, cheer you up, or lift your mood when you’re blue.

As simple as it seems, this exercise is super useful. When you zone out, all you have to do is to open the planner and dive into your survival guide. 

How To

1/ Find the Comfort Zone Tree

It should be close to the survival guide you just filled. 

What the point with this page? Its goal is to remind you that you’ve accomplished way more than you thought.

Chances are you overlooked what you’re capable of.

How To

2/ How it works?

– Your comfort zone is a place to stater your successes, a field of victories.

– Like this tree, a comfort zone is meant to grow/ expand/ be fruitful / and spread the word (= being a role model).

– Like this tree you have deep roots that support you no matter what’s coming.

How To

3/ How To Fill It?

  • Note the victories you’re the proudest –> no matter if it’s cooking a meal without burning it or running a marathon in 10 mins.
  • All victory matters!
  • Need ideas?
    • What’s the last thing you did with success?
    • Did you reach any milestone?
    • Is there anything you’d like to remember?

Hint: There’s no right or wrong victory.  If you can’t fill all the bubbles, no big deal!

How To

4/ How To Expand Your Comfort Zone?

– From the victories you listed, chances are you want to keep doing it/ to dive deeper/ to redo it 

ex: I run 1 mile with ease

– To expand my comfort zone, I choose THIS MONTH to focus on ONE thing only.

ex: being able to run 2 miles with ease

TIP: Try to choose your “expansion bubble” as a mind, body, or soul activity to cultivate a sense of calm and confidence.

Step 2: Comfort Zone

Fill the tree with your past success like “I know how to bake a cake” or “I run 100 miles easily”.


Size doesn’t matter. 

Use this page as a reminder of your skills & talents. –> If you were capable to do something small, you can do something a little bigger.

DON’T feel the pressure to fill ALL the blanks. 

How To

1/ From a bubble to a decision

You’re super close to the end. Keep going!

In the previous section, you dreamt about how you could expand your comfort zone based on your previous victories.

Now, it’s time to turn that dream into ONE decision. –> ONE topic you’ll focus all your attention on for, at least, a full month. 

How To

2/ How it works?

– ON THE LEFT PAGE: Write down your decision on top and at the bottom

> use an affirmation and the present simple

– ON THE LEFT PAGE: Brainstorm all the teeny tiny actions you may have to accomplish to cross the finish line

–> Don’t worry about the order

–> If there’s a way to measure a milestone, write it down as well.

–> Break down every action to be completed in under 10 or 15 min (ideally)

In my example, runnin 1,5 miles is a milestone (in black) & my brainstorm is in orange

How To

3/ Put some order

Now that you have all listed the major tasks to do this month, it may be a good fit to organize them. 

–> You can use the big circle next to each action to organize them as you need. 

HINT: There are 30 circles (meaning up to one per day). If your brainstorm gives you more than 30 actions, chances are your decision will need more than one month to be done. No big deal, repeat the process and trust yourself.

How To

4/ And the right page?

Good question!

At the end of the month, take a moment to see if you crossed the finish line or not and why. 

No matter what, I trust you. You’re capable of doing it.

Step 3: The Decision

From what you listed in the Comfort Zone, you may want to go one step further so you:

  • implement a new habit
  • tackle a long lasting ideas off your wish list
  • turn your dream into reality one month at a time 

Your decision might be about body, mind, or soul. 

  • Take it
  • Write it down
  • Brainstorm it
  • Try to order the steps
  • Rewrite the steps on every week
  • Follow up after 30 days


Thanks for your patience.

Step 4: The Weekly Layout

It really is the core of the layout. 

Watch the slides for a step by step overview. Take your time.

The Cosiest Planner for Introverts who want to plan a quiet lifestyle, promote calmness, & feel confident.

How To

How To