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When I was 9, I lost everything because of a sudden tornado.


My house collapsed and every tiny thing/ toy/ piece of clothes I had was spread all over the garden. I can picture the scene like it was yesterday. My school bag was on the floor, wide open and a firefighter who was rushing to secure the place walked on my colour pencils.


This cracking sounds still give me shivers and tears. During weeks after that event, I walked in my sleep to the point I had to be lockdown in my room. I wanted to escape from the room with my teddy bear and one book. It let me afraid, broken, and profoundly wounded.


As I grew up, I instinctively turned every place I rent or own as a real life comfort zone with super private places where I recharge alone for hours.


When Hygge popped as a full way of life, I saw it as THE concept I was looking for to encapsulate what I was naturally doing for 25+ years.


Creating a Hygge atmosphere at home is easier than you think.


Let me share with you my 3 best tips so you can start revamping your living room or save some space for a hygge nook.


I’ll discuss:

  • Hygge is a feeling to create not to buy


  • What Hygge is NOT as a interior design style


  • Why Hygge as a calming effect on you  


The best is yet to come.


Having a hyggelig home is not about following a mandatory to do list. It’s more about finding what suits your personality, what brings you happiness, what your family may enjoy.


And yes, it may change as time passes… Your kids may grow. you taste may evolve. you may move to a different place or downsize your life…. Who cares. Hygge is something you wear inside you and you let it shine by decorating your home to mirror what hygge means to you.


When you know exactly what Hygge represents to you, what kind of Hygge essentials you truly enjoy and how to practice it….. you’re on your way to create a comfort zone where you’re confident to be unapologetically yourself. 

If you’re looking for a straight forward way to create a Hygge inspired real life comfort zone that can be turned into a rock solid confidence, then you should join the waiting list for 30 Day Hygge by signing up HERE


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