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Episode #58 is talking about how you can bring Hygge at work with simple changes


Hygge is kind of obvious at home cos it’s where your family is, it’s where your hearth is. It’s almost a no brainer that Hygge can be experienced in your living room or in your garden. 


But how do you manage a Hygge bubble when you’re stuck in your 9 to 5?

or when you’re working in high paced environment? when your job is highly demanding for your stress level? 


(I’m thinking about all the people who have night shifts, irregular work schedule or people who serve others like police officers, nurses, firefighters…. etc) 


In this episode, I’m brainstorming simple ideas so you can start implementing Hygge without worrying too much. 


⚠️  But, you definitely should take time to verify with your boss and check the internal rules/ safety rules implemented in your workplace. ⚠️ 


    In this episode of how to bring Hygge at work:

    1: Hygge at work with a home based office

    – for sure the easiest position cos’ you’re totally free to organise your home office the way you want. 

    My suggestions:

    – try to have a natural source of light so you would avoid winter blues/ lack of light (which affects the mood)

    keep things simple (it’s not an aesthetic popularity contest) → stop scrolling on IG to feel desperate when you see countless of home based desks with nothing on top, amazing decor, no paper… 


    Really? How are you supposed to work when you don’t even have enough space on your desk for a tablet? My desk may not be the prettiest nor the most fancy place but it get things done. Everything is labeled, organised, systematized, and it works for me. 


    • Try to add around you some items that would sustain, and strengthen your Hygge inspired comfort zone like a pic with your kids or your parents.

    • Maybe a plant or a bouquet from your garden.

    • A safe place for a mug or a water bottle to stay hydrated…. If that’s something you enjoy, why don’t you add some essential oil diffuser. I know when I work hard, I love bergamot, lemon, orange…   


    2: Hygge at work in a corporate world

    Depending on the corporation you’re working, you may have (or not) the right to bring and leave some personal items on your desk or inside your cubicle. 

    That said, if what you bring fit into a drawer and there’s nothing obvious on your desk, it should do the trick (but double check before bringing something at work. I don’t want you to have any issue with your boss). 


    My suggestions:

    • a mug and some sticks to drink like coffee (even bring a cold brew bottle in the morning and sip it during the day), tea (love yogi tea and rooibos), even instant soup for winter (it’s so comforting to me)

    • a collage with pictures you love from BFF, family members, kids, teens… and so on (a collage with the pets are totally acceptable too depending on what brings you a sense of cosiness and comfort)

    • maybe an old fashioned mp3 with a play list (so if you don’t have access to internet at work, you can still enjoy moments of bliss during your break time)

    • a diary/ notebook to dream about your next vacation, to create wish list…

    • a good book 

    • a roll on with essential oils (love ravinstara as mood booster but it’s not recommended for people with asthma) helps me to focus and to stay grounded


    3: Hygge at work when you’re working in very demanding/ stressing environment


    This is probably the trickiest one because you rarely have just ONE place of work and you have to create a portable hygge kit and rely on it. 


    I’d suggest you to listen episode 44 and to look at episode 60 (in 2 weeks) to get ideas about what you can put into a hygge kit in spring and in summer. 


    The idea of a portable Hygge kit comes from my Mom when she was working as a french teacher for almost 25 years in the local jail. At that time, it wasn’t named or labeled as a Hygge kit but the idea was already there. 


    Bear in mind that in jail, there’s a couple of things you don’t have the right to have like so we had to be very creative. 


    My suggestions:

    – a special object (you can’t wear a necklace in jail, it’s too dangerous) but you can have a small charm in a box or stone or a keyholder that reminds you something you cherish. 

    I remember when I was a student, I was carrying an ugly tiny toy I had when I was 8. It looked like a raspberry and it was like a magical charm to me (if I had it, everything would be ok).

    → Interestingly enough, I lost it at the end of my very last exam in Montreal. and yes, that made me sad but I always had good grades so… who knows 


    The best is yet to come.

    To me, bringing Hygge at work started also with mastering my time and how I was using it day in and day out.

    Time is our most precious resource and it can’t be brought back… when it’s done.. You’re screwed.

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