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Ep 57: My Hygge Bedtime Routine For A Better Rest

Welcome to The Hygge Planner Show Episode #57, today I’m talking about my Hygge bedtime routine and how it helped me to stay sane

Whether you name it routine, ritual, or habits, it falls into the same concept→ regularly doing something that could improve your mental health, wellness, wellbeing, and helps you to lead by examples of you have a family. 

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

-1: Brain dumping my overloaded mind on paper


  • mostly because of my personality as an INFJ, I’m constantly analyzing, thinking, systematizing, processing thoughts and organizing what’s next
  • which leads to having a brain blackout from time to time

→ after several years of trials and errors, it appears that brain dumping is the simplest way to avoid mid-night panic attack

→ you know that moment during the night when you wake up trying to remember what you’ve missed the day before, what you should have done or said or made… and you start ruminating (hello insomnia, welcome)


  • how you can do it? 
  • use an old fashioned journal/ a notebook/ a diary/ or your planner to note everything that is polluting your brain at the end of the day
  • bear in mind you’ve done your best today and tomorrow is another day. You just have 24 hours and you’re doing nothing great to your mental health by anticipating on potential future anxiety. 


-2: Get ready for tomorrow

– choose your clothes and shoes

– set up your make up on your vanity

– set the breakfast table to save time

– pack up your next day lunch (and/ or your kids ones if applicable)

– encourage kids/ teens to do the same (so no one is rushing like headless chickens the next morning)

– -> Truth is, I even get my coffee maker ready (when the clock hits 6 am, it switches on and the coffee smell is everywhere in the apartment) 


-3: Create a simple routine like this one

– wash your face

– take a shower

– brush your teeth

– moisturize


it’s like cleaning yourself from all the dust/ negative comments/ mean moments… It’s like hitting the reset button so you’re finishing your day on a strong positive experience. I know it sounds cheesy but it really helped me to dust myself up before sleeping. 

The best is yet to come.

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Ep 57: My Hygge Bedtime Routine For A Better Rest