The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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You’ve heard about it.

You’ve read about it. You’ve stalked some FB groups about it → don’t be intimidated, I do the same with topics that really matter to me.

You’ve watched all those perfect, Instagram ready pictures from decluttered home… and you’ve watched more than anybody else The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Netflix.


Now, it may be the time to see if Hygge is really made for you or if it’s only a new shining object you’ll be forgetting when the next unicorn will pop up. → Hey, if it’s the case, don’t beat yourself up (but listen last week’s episode about reasons why Hygge as a lifestyle may not be your cup of tea) 


Hygge is like eating locally or having an ecofriendly mindset, it’s not because it may be good for you that everyone will embark in it.


For this episode, grab a pen and a paper and count one point for each sentence that sounds like you. At the end of the podcast, you’ll know how you can position yourself.

How To Take The Test:

  • grab a pen and a paper
  • listen each affirmation
  • tick yes if you can relate to it. Don’t overthink and use your first impression
  • count ONE point per affirmation you ticked YES
  • count all your points to know your result

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The Results

  • from 1 to 3 points: you’re a Hygge beginner.
    • You may be a newbie on Hygge or you’re not practising enough to really know if it’s a good fit for you.


    • That’s totally ok. download the checklist (no optin required) to see which points need your attention. and if you want daily reminder of Hygge activity you can perform without breaking the bank.



  • from 4 to 6: you’re a Hygge intermediate.
    • Good job! you’re already aware that Hygge can be more than a funny add on in your every day life.


    • You’re aware that a comfort zone may be a great asset for you but you need a little push to turn it into a rock solid confidence.



  • more than 7: You’re a Hygge Master.
    • I just took my hat off (I know you didn’t see it by I swear I did). you’re breathing Hygge.


    • You’ve implemented most of the common principles of Hygge but what if you can dive deeper and discover YOUR Hygge secret sauce… your own assemblage/ fragrance so to speak?


The best is yet to come.

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