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February is the time management month

and I don’t know about you but cleaning/ tidying up/ organizing your entire home is one of the most time consuming task you can perform. Please, don’t launch me on the miracle of the KonMari Method, I’ve read the books, I’ve tried and I hated every minute of it. 


If it works for you AWESOME! That’s NOT a reason to push me or any other human to feel guilty for NOT following the same fad fake trends. 


That’s one thing to clean up but then you’ll have to maintain it + you have to avoid the clutter to come back by relying on effective systems. Yes, the type of systems that a 3-year old kid can implement while playing hide and seek with you.


Let’s see how you can have a Hygge home organisation routine that protects the planet AND makes you proud to open your door for impromptu Hygge meetings with friends on a Friday evening.


Today I’m talking how you can have a home routine that protects your family from dust AND protect the planet with green/ eco friendly options.


I’ll discuss:

  • Step 1: Grab your eyeglasses to read them all (+ my go to green options to clean the house on a budget)
  • Step 2: Stay simple with scents
  • Step 3: The U/D/F/U method to stay away from clutter


The best is yet to come.

Each time you’re choosing an eco friendly option you help to preserve the planet. And yes it’s not as pricey as you think first hand.


To keep your house cleaned with almost no effort:

  • involve every member of the family according to his/her age
  • Create a cleaning schedule that would stimulate people
  • Do it as a family to create good habits and show up what you stand for


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