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Following last week’s episode about Hygge mistakes, let’s see a couple of reasons why embracing Hygge as a whole lifestyle will lead you to fail. 

But first, let’s be clear on something super uber important

It’s not because you “failed” with Hygge that you’re a failure by any means. It may just be the sign that:

  • You didn’t get enough info on what’s being Hygge as a lifestyle (if that’s the case, you should consider joining the waiting list for Hygge Made Simple© so you’ll get ALL your questions answered) 


  • Hygge is not made for you which is perfectly correct. Such as a vegan diet may be good to any body, it’s not a reason why we all turn vegan (or gluten free or lactose free or whatever works for you)


  • Right here, right now, you feel overwhelmed by everything you have on your plate and you don’t know where to start cos you need a plug and play quick fix solution. Guess what? Take your time, I’ll be there to support you. Until then, consider joining the free online community to get a weekly dose of cosiness in your inbox. Learn more HERE


If you’re anything like me, changing your lifestyle/ updating your lifestyle… can be an overwhelming, scary, intimidating,

  • you may start creating vision boards to picture your so called ideal life


  • you may fall into the rabbit’s hole of internet (where you’ll find as much trash as valuable pieces of gem)


  • you may try to assimilate all at once everything you’ve found so you KNOW you’ve got all your ducks in a row and that MUST be it.

Truth is, Hygge is not a list of mandatory items you have to have or have to do/ to be so you can self proclaimed yourself as a Hygge Master.

Let’s see how you can avoid this Hygge shutdown and embark in Hygge without regret, resentment, remorse.

I’ll discuss:

  • Your new hygge lifestyle will fail if you blindly follow this on internet


  • Your new hygge lifestyle will fail if you believe this false assumption


  • Your new hygge lifestyle will fail if you forget this simple principle


The best is yet to come.

I’d love to read your stories and feedback about Hygge. Use the comment section below to let me know.

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