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✨ Connect The Dots FROM Knowing What To Do TO Crafting the Lifestyle You Want ✨

You’re ready for a slower, cosier pace of life for you & your kids.

You deserve a higher quality of life where you’re unapologetically confident.

Wouldn’t it be cool if?

🥳 You could enjoy a much simple lifestyle with more Nature & decluttered environment.

🥳 You could take a staycation or a weekend off so you can recharge & rest effortlessly.

🥳 You could implement a healthy lifestyle where you’re raising independent, capable, & courageous kids into young adults.

🥳 You could build your legacy one memory at a time 

💕 Now, You Can Craft a Lifestyle Where You’re The Unapologetic Confident 💕


Step 0: Request Your Invitation

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Step 1: Try Your 30-Day Planner 

Ready to slow down, be more authentic & more confident WITHOUT sacrifing your Quiet/ Introvert/ Highly Sensitive Personality?

Step 2: Add-Ons To Skyrocket Your Journey 

Short on time to brainstorm activities?

You’ll get all the inspiration you need for weeks/ months with 108 Done For You activities. Enjoy them right off the bat. Download, print, select the Essentials you want & read what you can do.

Based on the Hygge Essentials blog (viewed over 500k), all the ideas listed are sustainable, budget friendly, and kid friendly.

Organize & plan your day to have more Me Time.

One-Page Hygge is your minimal viable planner when you begin your cosiness journey. Packed in a handy 10-page PDF, you’ll get ONE daily planner template + 5 best kept secrets to start decluttering your timeline and setting boundaries with ease.

This template is perfect when you’re stressed or overwhelmed because you’re planning your schedule one day at a time (which diminishes overthinking/ peer pressure/ …)

The DPM Method© you’ll be going through


Sick & tired to have all the ingredients to be happy but still have the impression you’re messing around?

What if you could have a fully customizable playbook to know what to do, when, how, and why this step is before that one?

The DPM Method© is born from years of practice of the cosiness-based way of life with my Great Grand Mother’s legacy.


Stack Up Your Wins

Break free from all the BS you've heard about Comfort Zone.

We show you how to rely on it & expand it (sky will be the limit)

Craft a Cosy Lifestyle (Hygge)

Model what the happiest country in the world do to have more Me Time & a better family life without adding stress.

Plan 30-90 days chunks

Get a tailored tool that inspire you to growsupport your daily life, & keep you on track for what matters: family.

Time To Practice

Know how to deal with challenges day in & day out.

Protect your cosiness-based lifestyle & be unapologetically you.

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