The nitty gritty definition of Cosiness: The Hygge Planner Show

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If there’s something I hate, it’s fake trends, fad trends


or acting like a sheep. I’m lucky enough to have a brain and it’s my moral duty not to fall into the marketer’s trap every time I see an informercial.


Let’s take bento boxes or portable coffee mugs, they are/ were all the rage recently and they may disappear in the same blink of an eye. Same goes with that weird Moscow Mule. Why would I buy this mug especially for one recipe?


I mean it’s hard to maintain, it costs an arm and a leg… If it’s just to be trendy thanks but no thanks… My bank account is not ready to be hacked by fad trends.


But, guess what, hygge is not immunized by this tendency and here are my 5 worst hygge labels trends (hopefully, they’re only in France but I highly doubt that it’s not going to spread sooner than later)


Today I’m talking about the 5 Hygge trends that hopefully will NEVER take over the concept of cosiness, comfort and hominess from the Danish culture


In this week’s episode,I’ll discuss:

  • This Hygge trend you’re supposed to drink every morning (nope, it’s not bulletproof coffee)


  • This Hygge hobby that seems to get a second life (honestly the first one was already awesome)


  • This Hygge trend that caused my massage therapist a mini fake heart attack


  • This Hygge trend that forces you to spend $$$ on something that normally costs wayyyy less


  • This Hygge trend that Marie Kondo would hate cos it’s not about being white everywhere


The best is yet to come.

As you’ll hear, it’s quite a longer episode but it’s totally worthy of the 5 more minutes. I’d love to know what the most unconventional item you’ll ever see with a Hygge label on top of it? 


(Update: I’m not talking on this episode about brands who named a new wool or yarn “Hygge”. That makes sense. I’m more concerned about overhyped, overpriced items that ARE Hygge by themselves and, after a good marketing makeover, they become trendy and pricey).


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