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Winter may be the peak of Hygge for most Western countries…

Just think about it for a second, it seems more natural to spend more time indoor during Winter, to cuddle in warm blanket, to slow down while drinking a hot cocoa, and to spend more time together around a game board on a Friday evening. 


(Just for the record, in Spring, you can have the same Hygge feeling by spending more time outdoor, starting a small flower garden, testing new homemade juice, cooking a batch of fresh bread for the brunch wit your BFF and her daughter). Ok… you get my drift. 


Having a warm inviting interior often rhymes with spending a lot in furniture, decoration, accessories, and much more… Well that’s what most interior decor magazines will repeat you over and over and over…


Did I mention that it’s a trick you’re too smart to fall into? Ok, just in case, stop listening the people who constantly tell how your interior would be if… or how your bedroom could be better if…


I don’t know for you but I don’t have an extensive budget and I’ve learned from a very early age to be creative and get the most out of my money. That’s why 👇🏻

Today I’m talking about 3 evergreen ideas for Hygge during Winter

I’ll discuss:

  • The healthiest & cheapest way to have a wonderful scent at home (seriously it’s not even pennies)


  • The simplest way to go green without spending $$$$ on expensive plants


  • The smartest way to have a new decor on a budget


The best is yet to come.

Bear in mind that your home is where you feel safe… not only you but your family, friends, and all your guests.

It should reflect your need for cosiness and hominess without the urge to follow the trends from magazines. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on those 3 ideas. Use the comment section below or

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