What I Use To Enjoy Comfort & Cosiness On My Daily Life

I’m super peeky when it comes to support or to endorse brands. Below you’ll find a couple of my “Go To” brands to keep things as simple as possible & as eco friendly as possible.

I share my go-to resources with you (and yes, some of these links may be affiliates links) << It means you get a deal and I get a little reward for the referral. 

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My no brainer brand when I want a high raise legging that would let me free of movements. Whether it’s for an impromptu lazy day, a casual run, or a formal meeting, I just love them all. 


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For 4 years now, I trust iHerb for my gluten free supplements, vitamins, and even for my entire house cleaning routine. Prices are super affordable and it’s easy to get your delivery worldwide.


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I made extensive research about multi currency bank account cos I love to travel, to discover new cultures. I was sick & tired to give away my money to the bank just for fees. Until I discover Transferwise. 

When you use my link, you have your first international money transfer free (up to 500€)


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If you’re looking for an alternative to Shakeology (gosh, I love it but not available yet in my country), then Unico is about to become your BFF. Plant based alternative, jam packed with healthy nutrients, & so yummy flavour. Love them all!

Bonus point: Erin the founder is super smart.

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Amazon Influencer Shop


Opening an Amazon Influencer Shop is such a privilege. You’ll find all my basics, the essentials I use on a daily basis, plus a couple of inspirational lists so you can treat yourself. 

Think about it as a one stop shop for pens, pencils, coffee, books, organisation items.. & more. 


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