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Reading is, by far, one of my favourite way to relax.


It’s like going on vacation without the need to pack up your stuff, worry about the flight security, lifting your luggage from home to a train to the airport… needless to mention the time it takes to take off… flight… land… get your luggage back/ be cleared by the customs (etc…).


On the other side, you’ve got the comfort of your home. A wonderful comfy armchair, maybe the sun going through a window, and hopefully a cup of your best beverage near you. An island of calm in the midst of a chaotic life where you always show up when there’s something to fix, to heal or to manage.


This is your well deserved Me Time for your commitment and your dedication 24/7 for your family/ community/ local volunteering.


That’s why I wanted to share with you some books I enjoyed (recently or not by the way). And, drums rolling, let’s start with THE book that changed my life/ my career/ & helped me to shift my mindset & manage my anxiety.


Let’s dive into my 3 nuggets of knowledge from The Little Book of Hygge written by Meik Wiking


I’ll discuss:

  • The big Aha moment I had as a shameful introvert


  • The nitty gritty of a more than a word but a glimpse on a culture


  • The golden mine of ideas to start


The best is yet to come.


When it comes to discovering Hygge, one of the easiest way remains going back to the primary source. In that case, The Little Book of Hygge is one of the most resourceful, easy to read book you can find.


Bonus point, it’s written by the head of the happiness research institute who has studied, systematized, and shared his knowledge about Hygge in a convenient book.


If you want to discover more about this book, take a look at my blog post called “How the hygge book helps me to love my quirks” (URL is in the note


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