Behind the scenes of

The Hygge Planner Show

The Hygge Planner Show is born in November 2017 to support my audience who wanted a closer way to connect with me.

The main goal is to share actionable tips about intuition/ being an offbeat, self-help guilt, & ways to protect/ use your nature talents.

With a short format (under 15 min), the episodes deliver pep talk & provoking thoughts whenever my audience needs it.

Since then, around 115 episodes were released every two weeks on Friday.

Hosted on Anchor (owned by Spotify), every episode is available on 11 different platforms (including Apple Podcasts)

Topics covered:

Danish cosiness

– Functional Planning

– Self Esteem/ Self Confidence

– Self Help Guilt/ Toxic positivity/ Myths

– Intuition/ HSP/ empathy

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Quick Facts

Since its beginning in November 2017, The Hygge Planner is delivering practical, down to earth, blunt tips & advice to practice cosiness everyday, acknowledge your skills, & set healthy boundaries.


+ 130 episodes


Downloaded 116 000+ times


Available on 11 platforms


Rated 4,3 on Apple Podcasts

Who’s my audience?


I’m happy to be listened by 85% of women & 1% non-binary.

Most of my audience resides in the USA (65%) 

They’re interested in self-esteem, intuition, spirituality, creativity, freedom.

the hygge planner show 100 000 downloads
the hygge planner show 100 000 downloads
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the hygge planner show - podcast for intuitives
Purdey Penrose’s motto

Do no harm but take no sh!t

You’re meant to be confident AF not to be a doormat.

Your kindness should never be taken for granted.


You’re a precious soul who seeks freedom, a way to carve your path in life, & a healthy creative outlets to process your emotions. This is my mission to support you. This is where I’m eff… good at. 

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