Weekly Layout

Undated 30-Day Planner

The 30-day Planner To Defy Expectations & Create A Lifestyle That Cares

Cosiness guide, appointment calendar, memory book, meal planner, Me Time reminder, & confidence log all in one undated planner.

Undated & Printed On Demand

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Carry the feeling of cozy days, the richness of a cocoa by candlelight, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or the savor of a french vanilla coffee with you 24/7. 

The Hygge Planner is your permission slip to:

– tap into your daydreaming skills

– strengthen your gut instinct/ intuition 

– connect the dots between imagination and implementation easily

– be unapologetically you


It’s the antidote to fast-paced living for the Wild & Quiet, the Highly Sensitive People.


Walkthrough your next BFF

💮 Get ready to curate a lifestyle that cares for you first.

💮 Stack up your wins & practise daily cosiness to build up rock solid confidence with this all-in-one undated planner

💮 Start right off the bat with this undated 30-day planner

💮 Slow down & unwind with daily reminder

💮 Cultivate calmness & cosiness through all-in-one / at a glance weekly view

💮 BONUS: there're 5 weeks included in every planner so that you'll have plenty of time to reorder while staying organized


– Full size (8,5 x 11 in or A4)

-UNDATED (5 weeks included in each planner)

– Lay flat

– Thin enough to fit into your purse (48 pages)

– Lightweight: less than 0,5 lb

– Smooth matte cover

80 gsm paper for a enjoyable writing experience (minimize bleeding & smudging)

What’s in it for you


24-hour time frame EVERY day

A praise for all the night shifters, early roosters, and night owls around. 


HOTD (Hygge Of The Day)

Get a daily reminder to slow down, and embrace a sweet moment every day.


Weekly Focus

Move the needle to make your dream comes true with laser focused actions.


Clean Lean Design With Extra Space For Notes

& ONE 🌳 planted for every purchase.


Lean Layout + Extra Dotted Pages

Enough space to manage your daily schedule. 


Full Size (8,5 x 11 in)

It'll fit in your purse/school bag/ luggage.


6 Months at a glance

Stay ahead of your planning or use one page per Human in your house.


Cosiness Kit

 Ever felt blue? Soothe your mood & cheer you up.


Comfort Zone Builder

Stack up your wins, success, skills, and talents (so you can get over the fear of the first step)


Brainstorm & Follow Up

Craft plan, and keep up the lifestyle you want with curated templates.No motivation needed.


Weekly Quote & Tips

Find inspiration and creativity with tips, quotes, and doodles.


Smooth Cover & Silky Paper

Enjoy the quality of a 80gsm paper to minimize bleed & smudge + a matte soft cover

What Makes The Hygge Planner So Unique


Based on Comfort Zone

Treat your Comfort Zone as the track record of all your previous victories = your inner compass


Daily Practice of Cosiness

Gently put yourself first by taking a moment every day to enjoy cosiness (inspired by the Danish art of Hygge)


Promote Calm & Safety

Nurture a sense of hominess where you can daydream, ground yourself, & tap into your natural wisdom 


Build Up & Strengthen Confidence

Promote a healthy feeling of confidence to trust your intuition


Seasonal Living

Embrace the simple pleasures of every season (whether it's for activities, eating, Me Time)


Slow Down & Unplug

Take control of your time & gently detox from social media to spend more time outdoors.


Tame Self Sabotage

Make your mental health a priority by planning your life around comfort zone & cosiness.


Make Dream Come True

Craft, plan, & take action on your long lasting dreams so they become true one tiny step at a time

Made by a Misfit/ Non Conformist

–> Because you deserve tools designed for YOUR personality

ONE 🌳 planted for EVERY purchase

 –> Thank you for supporting our Planet.      




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