I test the hygge morning routine vs miracle morning

Before I dive into Morning Routine & my 2 cents about it…

-> No Idea Whatsoever About What Hygge Is?

Don’t worry. I got your back. 😉  If you’re already a Hygge fan, just skip this part and start enjoying today’s blog post.

It’s a feeling you can’t buy of safety, warmth, peace, calm, contentment, and everything in between.

Based on cosiness, togetherness, and uniqueness, it’s a whole guide to craft a cosiness-based way of life for you AND your family.

To me, Hygge is like a roadmap to enjoy simple pleasure, slow down, unplug, and eventually becoming unapologetically yourself.


How can I learn more about it?

1/ Read the reviews I made at  How The Hygge Book helps me to love my own quirks

2/ Request a special invitation for #TheHyggeLounge at https://www.thehyggeplanner.com/newsletter

3/ Buy Meik Weiking’s book by clicking here (Where you’re buying from this link Amazon will give a percentage to WWF on your behalf. I’m not owning a penny nor a compensation by any means) 



How do you pronounce it?

Truth is, no one cares how you pronounce it as long as you can experience it day in and day out.

That said, it’s commonly admitted to be [HOO-GA] .

Keep it simple and don’t over complicate the process.

If you don’t get it the first time, no big deal.



Is there a Hygge lifestyle?

YES!! and I mean absolutely without the shadow of a doubt.

Hygge is more than just a list of things to do or have. It’s NOT a decor (see below for more infos).

If you’re quiet/ introvert, chances are you’re already living a Hygge lifestyle without even knowing it. Now, you can model what you’re already good at to enjoy that cosy, comfy, and homey feelings 24/7.

If you’re totally new and you’d love to implement that simple, decluttered, down to earth, eco friendly, and comfy way of living for your family, that’s totally doable.

Truth it, it’s WHY I created this entire site: to provide you the tools, the resources, and the inspiration to turn your life into a cosiness-based living without adding stress. (To get a weekly dose of cosiness-based pep talk, join #TheHyggeLounge HERE )

Where does it come from?

Hygge comes from Denmark (but the word itself comes for Norway). At some point in history, Norway and Denmark were one kingdom only.

For the records:

  the first mention of Hygge is circa 1840 (which means Hygge is everything but a fad trends)

– Denmark is ranking on the top 3 of the happiest countries in the world every singe year!

– the tax level in Denmark is one of the highest in the world. Yet, the citizens ARE full of happiness.

—> Who doesn’t want to model what the happiest people in the world are doing to be happy, content, and joyful day in and day out?  I know I do (so does my Great Grand Mother in her journals)

Is Hygge only a decor for Fall & Winter?

This is a common myth I HAVE to bust once and for all. Danish people don’t stop living 6 months of the year. They enjoy and practice Hygge ALL YEAR LONG.

They just adapt what they do and how they do it. It’s definitely easier to have a snow day in winter and it’s definitely easier to have a BBQ outside in the middle of Summer.

Hygge is not stuck in Fall & Winter nor is a home decor.

If you want a decor, ask a professional to set up a stage… You won’t feel better in a snap because you have a fireplace and tonnes of fairy lights.

If it was that simple, everyone would be happy and medication wouldn’t be needed to avoid anxiety.

(If you’re under medication, NEVER EVER stop without a professional help. Asking for help should be your #1 priority. There’s no shame nor guilt to seek for a better health, or a better mental clarity)

You don’t have to spend $$$ to revamp your living room so it looks like a country living magazine cover… and you can show off on Instagram. Hygge is NOT a popularity contest. There’s no mandatory list of items to buy.

You can live Hygge in a moroccan house, a contemporary penthouse, a cottage close to the sea, a tiny house, a small apartment that looks like a boudoir, or a fancy super modern house. Hygge is what you made out of it.

My so-called “Morning Routine”

Last December, I woke up tired with that odd feeling I was not at my best. My brain was foggy, I felt exhausted and cranky… I knew what I was supposed to do though. My schedule was ready to tackle with things to get done before this Thursday or that Friday.
But, the truth the matter is: my schedule was wayyyy too work-oriented. I was used to working up to 90 hours a week (without a blink) or answering 24/7 my professional emails. In my head, I was supposed to do it to serve you. Sadly, every great idea can turn into a nightmare when it’s poorly executed. 
It was not really about being productive; I know I work hard (or harder than I should). It was really about being trapped in an unhealthy rut just because of my own choices. During one of our coffee talk, I explained the situation to my Mom, and she reminded me the book I wrote at the beginning of 2017 (#AbsolumentMoi). I shared that unique moment when I’ve written and validated my entire PhD in just 9 months (when most of my colleagues take up to 3 years or more).

A decision was the solution but which one?


The thing is when I’m not writing or drawing, I’m wearing my mad scientist apparel (and yes, I’m laughing loudly trying to make a “monster” alive by a stormy night with a full moon). Ok, it’s not really that dramatic. In fact, my scientific mind is constantly spinning around to find the simple, easy, yet, cosy, and effective system possible.

Here comes the idea to implement a morning and/or an evening routine to my quiet life.

Wait? What? A routine… You’re kidding.

Why would I want to try that? (add a disgusting accentuation on “that” for a French bon gout) ?


Don’t panic. I’m not a woman who fills her days with abundance, alignment, manifestation, calling or whatever buzz fad trends around. I’ve thoroughly read (or studied) the most influential people I admire to see what they have in common. 
The smallest common point was: they all have a repetitive scheme each day. Surprisingly, not all these routines were created equal. Yet, they all provide the same benefits to them (and after, two months, to me, as well).
This list can go on and on but I will share what I’ve experienced or felt from December. 

1/ Your brain hits the PAUSE button effortlessly.

As an analytical quiet, my brain is constantly trying to tweak, test, try or improve what’s existing + I do enjoy to find new ways to delight you when I’m writing a newsletter. That said, it takes a toll on my ability to slow down and just watch what’s coming.
Each time I’m running into a morning or an evening routine, my mind is floating on a huge cotton candy cloud. I don’t have to manage anything for 20 minutes (you want a scoop, the world will probably not collapse during those 20 minutes).
It’s like having a RESET button I can push each time I need… It’s easy, legal, and healthy.

2/ It’s affordable

You need not to invest thousands of dollars/ pounds/ euros to embrace the benefits of implementing a routine. You don’t have to get those fancy pants, that hygge labelled 85$ candle or that 5000$ handmade blanket to start something that will bring you a smile, some rest, or some energy.
Most of the healthy/ hygge/ things in life are free. Use it at your own advantage. The sun/ the clouds, the sea, the woods are waiting for you.

3/ You can take distance from other’s agenda

That’s probably one of the most rewarding advantage I’ve experienced so far. NOT feeling the urge to meet everyone’s needs BEFORE mine. I mean, I respect and I honour the trust I’ve earned. Though, I don’t want to act or behave as a slave to someone else agenda.
We all have urgencies and if you contact me with special requirements, I will do my best to accomodate you. That said, I’m not 100% in control of who I help, how I want to use my time, when I will do the extra mile or NOT.
Time is the only non refundable resource will ALL share on this planet. No matter our status, nationality, age… we all have 24 hours a day and I’m committed to get the most out of the time I have on earth. I’m a firm advocate of “harm no one, but take no =dfg,neùmklhneù” (politically correct way of refering to unwanted BS)

4/ You can prioritise what needs to be done urgently

This one was quite a surprise. Each morning, I have a 3-step routine during which I stretch/dance/ do pilates. Every time, it ends up with the same conclusion: I could postpone that task because I can do a batch of it in two days.
It has helped me to process things in batch rather than trying to multitask. I know I’m good at it, but the truth is, it’s easier to create 20 pins in one day than creating 2 pins per day for 10 days.
2 months of morning & evening routine: the good, the ugly,& the best tips to create yours

5/ You can reinvent a way to take care of yourself (especially when you hate the cookie cutter approach)

I’ll share a little more in details why I hate that cookie cutter approach but, for now, let’s say I hate the fluffy princess unicorn style covered with pink sparkles where we, as woman, have to enjoy days of shopping, manucure, hair stylist, gossips, bullet journaling, yoga, green juices, and chackras alignment.
Let’s be clear, NONE of those activities are bad, per se.
I can’t stand the idea I HAVE to love them all because I’m a woman. If you love them, good for you and all the best. If you don’t, good for you too. Just don’t force me to become a clone of yourself to be seen as a “real woman”.
Real woman make their own choices, manage the consequences and are ready to step up when it’s needed.
Implementing a custom routine has unveiled some fragile and vulnerable parts of my personality because I had to face major traumas like the way I see myself or what I truly think about myself. My routine has nothing to do with being perfect, it’s just my tailored tool to bring me energy in the morning and peace in the evening. 

6/ You are free to create what works for you

There’s nothing more important thant being free (to me). I’m craving for freedom, independence, autonomy, and the ability to choose my path. For way too long, I thought having a routine would add a constraint in my schedule but it wasn’t true.
Each routine is a like a bright bulb in the dark. A place to be safe, a haven where I can reset and restore without the need to justify myself or to deal with the critics. It’s soothing for a quiet mindset and it’s relieving. 

7/ It’s easier to balance between work and home

I have a special moment every morning and every evening dedicated to my routines which means I have to be available. The easiest way to honour my committment is to schedule them and to run my business according to my “routines appointments”.
Don’t get me wrong, if I’m a litte early or a litte late (or if I can’t manage a routine for a day), it’s not a big deal. I’ll do better next time and I don’t beat myself up. 

8/ You trigger positive effects in the brain

This is, for sure, the biggest outcome to me. My brain seems to be clearer, sharper, more efficient. I’m experiencing a sense of calm like a peace of mind. I’ve realised that my breathing is deeper, I can slow down more easily and it’s even simple to shut down my smartphone/ tablet to enjoy an evening with no distraction.
Surprisingly enough, implementing a routine has supported my decision process. I take my decisions quicker, I’m second guessing way less (and it’s very relaxing). I try new things, I dare to do,be, have what seemed totally out of my reach just two months ago.
I can’t emphasize enough how sweet it is to embrace every moment with that firm feeling you’re doing what’s good for you and your loved ones. And you know what…
All the feelings I’ve just listed are the core expressions of Hygge according to Meik Wiking (isn’t it awesome? I can’t wait to dive into that topic in my upcoming mini course Welcome Hygge: 6 steps to getting started with Hygge)
2 months of morning & evening routine: the good, the ugly,& the best tips to create yours

Ok, ok… you’re sweet. But is there a difference between a routine, a ritual, and a habit?

Honestly, it’s just a matter of perception to me. Yet, I can admit that there’re some slightly differences. To me:

– a habit is something you’re doing almost mechanically. You don’t have to think about it like driving a car, opening a computer, know how to make tea…
– a ritual has a more spiritual background. It’s loaded with special moments, specific activities and potentially tinted with faith.
– a routine is something you’re getting used to perform in a special order. It could happen in the morning, during lunch time, or in the evening.
Choose the word that appeals you. You can be creative and call it a recipe.

What’s the difference between a cookie cutter routine and a hygge routine?

OMG… That’s such a good one!! I’ve talked earlier about the princess style routine. This IS a perfect example of a cookie cutter, one size fits all routine. It’s impersonal, it doesn’t always fit your needs or your special schedule and you can find thousands of them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…
We’re supposed to copy and paste the “miracle” recipe and to apply it blindly, no matter if we’re not a morning person or if you’ve got kids. There’s nothing wrong with that way of doing things. Yet, it’s a little sad not to use our critical thinking/ creativity to create something custom.
It’s like the difference between one size fits all clothings and Haute Couture… Both will cover your skin but only one will fit your body and be very flattering.
A hygge routine is a sample of Haute Couture (and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). The Hygge Morning routine I’ve created is based on the Hygge Essentials I shared in 2017. If you’ve never read that article, look now and come back, I’m waiting for you.
This routine is made to mix and match your needs. No error possible, no risk… It’s easy to adapt, adjust, try, tweak.. and enjoy.
2 months of morning & evening routine: the good, the ugly,& the best tips to create yours

Here are my best tips to begin a Hygge Routine:

Brainstorm what you would like to add in your life (like cosiness, calm, energy, peace of mind, relaxation…)
Decide if you’re more a rooster (morning person) or an owl (night person)
Devote from 10 to 30 minutes to your routine with one (up to three) activities
Test it for a week and adjust depending on how you feel. –> You can track your results on a bullet journal, an agenda, a planner, or by downloading the FREE workbook)

Cool, but I’ve got some questions…

“I’m not a morning person”: You don’t have to be one! If you’re an owl, implement an evening routine and voila. You know yourself better than I can know yourself, use it to make what works for you first.
“I have a family, I can’t have a routine”: My mom (45+ years as a teacher) would explain you in plain old English that having a routine is mandatory to raise healthy kids. It’s a safe and easy way to structure their days, to raise independent, capable, confident, awesome kids. Think about it, even if it’s hectic, babies do have routines… they need to drink milk, to rest, to get fresh diapers… well maybe not in this order but you get my drift.
Even with a family, you do have at least 5 minutes in a day to sit down, listen a song, write a word, drink a coffee, look outside and smile.
“I’ve been labelled as lazy”: So have I!! It’s not funny nor acceptable to label anyone. The thing is until I realised that I was quiet, I’ve pushed/ forced myself to do what others wanted me to do. I’ve accepted invitation when I was drained and tired. I’ve faked my enthusiasm to join x,y, or z for a drink when I was only dreaming to stay at home in my PJ’s reading a book or talking with my BFF via Messenger.
A label is nothing more than what others think  about you. You have the ability to get over it. You are NOT what they think! You are yourself and you’re ready to show what you’re capable of.
“If I can’t do it everyday, I’ll be a failure”: Not at all!! You’ll be just a human with good and bad days… Someone who tries to improve, to change, to evolve. And, YES, it deserves respect for trying to become a better version of yourself (not for the others but because you want it).
The only person who fails is the one who never tries!! You’re not one of those. You’re courageous and you can create something meaningful to you and your family. I trust you.
All you need is giving yourself the permission to break free, to choose your own path, and to be unapologetically yourself. I’d love you to join me so, together, we can take that first step in living the Danish lifestyle of Hygge.


Setting up a routine is one of the easiest, smartest, and effective first step to change our mindset (and to feel more confident about our own abilities). The truth is our mindset needs to recharge and to restore after a long day at work.

There are billions ways of reseting our soul yet, for all the quiet/introverts, staying at home, embracing simple pleasures are a MUST. This is what Hygge is all about (and so much more).

The Danish lifestyle (Hygge) is made to comfort your soul and to give you the resources to be unapologetically yourself. You don’t have to move to Denmark to enjoy it, nor to be a Dane to get all the benefits from it. 

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See you on our next Coffee Talk! Until then, keep it hygge!

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