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Cosiness is a luxury state of mind YOU deserve EVERY DAY.

Hygge [Hoo-Ga] is a Danish word that encapsulates a simplified, quiet and seasonal way of life for the whole family. 

You’ll know what to do when your 3-year old drives you nuts, your teen doesn’t want to eat veggies, or your dear SO has forgotten your anniversary wedding. 

Few basics + a short list of Hygge Essentials = all you need to create a cosy, comfy real life comfort zone for you and your whole family.

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The Hygge Frame

You’re looking for simple tips to make your home warm & welcoming for your family & guests. 

You want to enjoy Hygge without loading your credit card & you have a sustainable/ eco-friendly mindset.

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The Hygge Routine

You want to include more cosiness in your life?

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The Hygge Balance

You’d love to rest & recharge without feeling guilty.

You’re doing your best to involve your kids/ family in a cosy way of life. 

You want to find some balance between your work life & your Me Time

You’re aware that you need some extra care (& maybe a glasse of wine on Friday) to be happy. Then, this Newsletter is perfect for you.


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3 Reasons To Embrace The Danish Way Of Life

Coffee Bean

It blends smoothly with your quiet needs


Coffee Bean

It's healthy to be unapologetically you


Passionate about Hygge? Oh… Yes!

I’m quiet & ok… I may (or not) be totally obsessed by coffee, chocolate, kawaii, doodles, & Japan… when I’m not writing plays or listening hard rock with high heels.

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