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What about getting a whole month of Hygge Planner

for less than a Starbucks?

Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?

The Hygge Planner is designed to be a monthly planner for Introverts to craft, plan, & enjoy a cosiness-based way of life. It’s your chance to slow down, to unplug, and to rely on your comfort zone to become confident on will.

With a clean & lean design, you’re encouraged to master your time, embrace your quiet side, step up when you want, and be unapologetically confident when you need.

Made to be your 24/7 personal assistant (appointment reminder, meal planning, memory book, cosiness survival guide, Me Time reminder), it’s ready to:

– cheer you up when you need

– remind you to slow down when you lose sight of your cosiness

– challenge you to turn your dreams into reality when you want to.

What you’ll get:

– one full month dated of The Hygge Planner 

– FOUR covers to customize your planner

– access to how to page with all instructions at https://thehyggeplanner.com/how-to/ 

Important Info:

– You don’t need a Dropbox account to get your PDF 

– If you don’t have a built-in app to read a PDF, check Adobe Reader (FREE, safe & secure) at https://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/ 

– We recommend to download your gift from a computer. Mobile device tend to get slow, or unable to connect with Dropbox. 


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This special offer is not transferable to another product or service, nor redeemable in money or in any form. After the 20 minutes countdown, this special offer will never appear again. 

Still on the fence?

You owe yourself a tool to get things done, slow down and boost your confidence, every day.

Get the monthly planner for less that a second hand book.

This is the lowest price you can get it.