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What about a complimentary gift?

What the heck is The Hygge Toolbox? 

It’s your comprehensive way to put the idea of everyday cosiness (Hygge) into action by using 9 essentials.

This toolbox is designed to fire up your creativity and your imagination when it comes to implement cosiness in your daily family life. 

When you click on the image (or use the button), you’ll be instantly directed to Dropbox to download your gift.


What you’ll get:

The Hygge Toolbox in PDF


Important Info:

You don’t need a Dropbox account to get your PDF 

– If you don’t have a built-in app to read a PDF, check Adobe Reader (FREE, safe & secure) at https://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/ 

– We recommend to download your gift from a computer. Mobile device tend to get slow, or unable to connect with Dropbox. 

Can I use it right off the bat?

Heck, yeah 🥰

You can print ONE copie for your personal use & start brainstorming what each picture means to you (so you can have an endless list of cosy moments to share with your family/ friends/ community).

I’m not that good with brainstorming, is there a shortcut?

Let me think about it…. 🤔 (Ok, enough waiting). 

YES! I’ve created Essentially Hygge: 108 Done For You ideas for Beginners to achieve Hygge, quiet your life, and keep it sustainable. 

I’ve brainstormed ideas that will fit into your daily/weekly/seasonal schedule even if you’re busy AF with your work/ kids/ family/ volunteering… you name it. 


Essentially Hygge is a 10-ish PDF you can buy ONLY on this page (at this lowest rate). 


VAT or taxes may be charged on top if you’re living in Europe

Use the code TkYouCosiness (case sensitive) 

(Essentially Hygge is normally sold for 47$)

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This special offer is not transferable to another product or service, nor redeemable in money or in any form. After the 20 minutes countdown, this special offer will never appear again. 

Here’s What You’ll Get Instant Access To:

Essentially Hygge is a comprehensive, easy to use brainstorm guide.

All you have to do is picking up one essential, read the description & choose in the list of ideas I’m giving. 

As easy as 1-2-3 🥳

With Essentially Hygge, you’ll walk away with ideas so:

💡 you can start testing if everyday cosiness is a good fit for you

💡  you test which Essential has the most positive impact on your mood/ cosiness/ happiness

💡 you train your brain to add more comfy moments in your daily schedule

💡 you share meaningful times with your kids while they’re still at home

💡 you build memories with your parents/ friends/ SO

💡 you naturally slow down effortlessly

💡 you take it one day at a time

💡you get yourself ready for the next step of your cosy journey (👉🏻 I’m here to help BTW

💡you break free from “I’m overwhelmed” or “I’m not doing enough” or “I’m so tired/ exhausted/ drained” or “my life is so chaotic, it’s too good to be true”. 

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(Essentially Hygge is normally sold for 47$)