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The Daily Planner For Intuitives To Turn Comfort Zone & Cosiness Into A Lifestyle That Cares For You


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Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Tired? 

You want to be productive but you're struggling to know what to do first. Going back and forth feeling all over the place?

One Day At A Time is your chance to:

- step up when you feel stressed, frustrated, tired

- remind you to slow down when you feel off track

- keep you in control of your schedule no matter what


Why having a daily planner during challenging moments/ uncertain times?

- Because 24 hours is the smallest period of time you can manage

- Because focus & clarity diminish analysis paralysis & overthinking

- Because stack up your daily wins helps to regain self confidence

💮 Get ready to trade mental struggling for a lifestyle that cares for you first.

💮 Manage your schedule 24 hours at a time so that you’re productive & capable with daily undated planner

💮 Start right off the bat with this undated 31-day planner

💮 Bring certainty and reassuring routine to your daily schedule so you can slow down & unwind with daily reminder

💮 Cultivate calmness & cosiness with at a glance daily view + Cosiness-packed tips for emergency 

💮 BONUS: there’re 31 days included in every planner so that you’ll have plenty of time to reorder while staying organized

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What Makes One Day At A Time Unique

All Planners Are Based On The Same Principles:

Based on Comfort Zone

Treat your Comfort Zone as the track record of all your previous victories 

Daily Practice of Cosiness

Gently put yourself first by taking a moment every day to enjoy cosiness (inspired by the Danish art of Hygge)

Promote Calm & Safety

Nurture a sense of hominess where you can be unapologetically you 

Build Up & Strengthen Confidence

Promote a healthy feeling of confidence to step up on will for what matters

Seasonal Living

Embrace the simple pleasures of every season (whether it’s for activities, eating, Me Time)

Slow Down & Unplug

Take control of your time & gently detox from social media to spend more time outdoors.

Tame Self Sabotage

Make your mental health a priority by planning your life around comfort zone & cosiness.

Make Dream Come True

Craft, plan, & take action on your long lasting dreams so they become true one tiny step at a time

Smarter Than A Regular Daily Planner

24-hour time frame EVERY day

Set your own timing whether you’re a night owl or an early rooster 

Brain Dump Space

Gain clarity & focus by decluttering your mindset on the go

One Priority A Day

Move the needle one day at time with the most urgent/ important task you can do

3 Major Tasks Per Day

Keep your schedule in check with few, targeted, focused activities.

2 Pages For 1 Day + Extra Dotted Pages

Enough space to manage your daily schedule.

Regular Size (6 x 9 in) format

It suits your needs (& fit in your purse/school bag/ luggage).

2 Months at a glance

Stay ahead of your planning or keep it up with your sweet memories

Cosiness Kit

 Ever felt blue? Soothe your mood & cheer you up.

COSY Square

Tame your mental struggle with this unique 4 steps method

Journal With Prompts

Keep it up with memories, emotions, and feelings to feel more confident

Clean Lean Design With Extra Space For Notes + Colouring

& ONE 🌳 planted for every purchase.

Smooth Cover & Silky Paper

Enjoy the quality of a 80gsm paper to minimize bleed & smudge + a matte soft cover


– Regular size (6 x 9 in or A5)

– Thin enough to fit into your purse (104 pages)

– Lightweight: less than 0,5 lb

– Smooth matte cover

– TWO soft cover style: traditional Danish or Edgy

80 gsm paper for a enjoyable writing experience (minimize bleeding & smudging)

Made by Introvert for Introverts

–> Because you deserve tools designed for YOUR personality

ONE 🌳 planted for EVERY purchase

 –> Thank you for supporting our Planet.      



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