The ONLY daily planner template you’ll ever need!


Build healthy habits with ease AND get things done even if you’ve never heard about Hygge (the Danish art of cosiness) before. 

Let me guess for a minute:


  • 📓 every year you’re buying dozens of planners with the secret hope the new one will be more helpful than the previous


  • 📓 you’ve tried all the gurus plannersout there (You know those who claim “if you buy my pricey system, you’ll get my life in a snap”)


  • 📓 you feel guilty for letting yourself down


  • 📓 you’re so behind on your personal goals cos you’re already juggling with too many things at once

Sounds too familiar? I know… Been there, done that too. 

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Grab yourself a raspberry venti lactose free mocha and join me for a small pep talk before we dive into the nitty gritty of the « One-Page Hygge ». 

Being organized (or « productive » to copycat the trending buzz word) can be very natural for some of us. OR it’s a daunting task for others (probably as fun as folding laundry or going to the dentist for a root canal treatment) 

Hey! Guess what? 

You don’t have to follow the sheep and use methods that force you to turn your life upside down to get things done, have more Me Time, and be able to manage your stress on the go. 

For the past 20 years, I’ve tested, created, and polished streamlined techniques to tackle my To Do List every day while being a full time PhD student, with 3 part-time job, and no one to help me with daily chores at home. 


Raise your mouse if you’re sick and tired to:

  • 🥺 waste time and money in pricey new methods with no results


  • 🥺 feel anxious looking at your To Do List


  • 🥺 survive in your life without a well deserved break


  • 🥺 please everyone around but there’s no room for Me Time



Now, wouldn’t it be super cool if you could:

  • 🥰 save money by reusing your pricey planner with a new perspective


  • 🥰 feel calm and composed in front of a manageable To Do List


  • 🥰 thrive and book a vacation to let the steam out


  • 🥰 set healthy boundaries so you can rest without guilt


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When you build up your schedule around what’s meaningful to you then:

  • you go through the mandatory tasks with ease

  • you’re laser focused on honouring your boundaries

  • you integrate joyful, peaceful, and calm moments every day with confidence

One page  Hygge is a super actionable mini guide where you’ll find:

– the exact template I use every day to tame my stress/ anxiety while tackling all my To Do’s (check the pic below)

– 5 tips you can implement right off the printer

Those 5 tips will declutter your planner, free up your time, and add cosiness in a snap in your days. 

To be ultra sure you’re getting the most out of the “one page Hygge“, I turned it into a PDF so you can download it and use it as soon as you checked out. 


– 🛑 No need to wait in front of your mailbox for days
– 🛑 No need for another planner (in fact if you have a blank notebook, it’ll do the trick)
– 🛑 No need for dripped lesson to release

Cos my highest priority is inspiring you to rely on your comfort zone so you can expand it and become unapologetically confident —> meaning you’re ready to try new things, to experiment, to shoot for the stars, to create memories, to build up a legacy for your family. 



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For every purchase you make, we plant a tree on your behalf. At The Hygge Planner, we’re committed to plant 785 trees every year. To learn more about our Pay It Forward Program, visit this page

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