Create Memories, One Table Decor At a Time

The Hygge Party Printables

The Done-For-You Party Templates For NON-Design Savvy People Who Want to Host Hassle FREE Parties, Save Money, & Share Quality Time with their Loved Ones.

Are you freaking out to plan the upcoming Christmas?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could….

STOP going back and forth for hours on internet to find an online shop: hello indecisiveness and analysis paralysis

STOP scrolling down and falling into the rabbit hole of Pinterest boards… ending up with “OMG.. this link is broken, I can’t buy from this vendor”

STOP buying from weird platforms where the money is taken but you never get your files/ purchase

STOP feeling lost because you don’t have a Master degree in design or the fancy software to customize the templates you’ve just bought.

STOP trying to mix A with B & C so you can have all you need for your table [unless you’re crazy about eclectic decoration]


I can help you [not for cooking the turkey] but for decorating your Christmas table with a Danish-inspired done-for-you design package.

This could be YOU this year!

You wake up from a little nap

You hear laughs in the living room: the kids are playing with their grandparents. They try to add even more ornaments to the crowded Christmas tree.

The cat stares at the tree with a weird smile probably meaning “How long will it take to put everything down?”

You smile at your kids as your press play and the house is now full of Christmas carols.


The socks are waiting patiently on the mantel. You’ve lighted some candles & you may already hear the crackling wood in the bonfire.

The fluffy blanket is waiting for you on the couch… Cinnamon and vanilla scents are floating in the air.


An incredible smell of double chocolate cookies comes from the kitchen. The table is almost set up with red, white and green decorations, that handmade centrepiece you’ve made with pinecones.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings… it was NOT a dream. Just the beginning of a new memory, a new moment of appreciation, joy, and contentment. 

Unwrap some of The Hygge Party Printables



Add the names of your guests

and Voila!

Napkin Ring


Cut & Add Glue

Your napkin has never looked cosier

Thank you Letter

You may want to write a Greeting Letter or a little message to thank someone for being a part of your life.

Gift Tags

Finally, some gift tags where you have enough place to put the FROM and the TO names without using a magnifying glass…

Blank Letter

Our blank template can become a new menu, a greeting letter, a printed invitation…. or whatever you love.

Menu Templates

We’ve crafted some customisable menu templates so you can add your own Danish touch to your celebration.
It’s easier than you think to have a Scandinavian inspired decoration

Holiday Season is made to celebrate hope, love, and joy

NOT to snap under the pressure

Christmas is the perfect moment to share quality time with family and/or friends... NOT a fearful period  where you toss and turn in bed wondering if you’ve forgotten anything or if  things would fit or not together.

I designed the Hygge Party Printables to help you to stay on track & feel calm before Christmas.

I want you to embrace the Christmas spirit NOT to triple check what has to be done before going to bed.


The Hygge Party Printables are tailored to suit your widest needs so you can anticipate almost any situations & keep everything under control in a snap. You can:

START sending email invitations with a custom design

START sending reminders/ countdown via email

START creating a menu for Christmas Eve, Christmas day, brunch, winter family gatherings, (and YES, you can make a last minute change without the fear to waste hundreds of dollars in reprints..)

START creating gift tags to decorate presents/ gifts…

START decoration placeholders with kids/ children/ grandchildren using what you have at home

START writing greeting letters or thank you letter in a minute

START printing Santa Letter for little ones around

START customising almost every template with a FREE online software totally beginners friendly.


Keep your Christmas hyggelig with more time for togetherness, cosiness, simple pleasures,

memories with kids, sharing with friends and neighbours. 

Get the Entire Party Printables for $57 ONLY

My Promise to you:

Easy to use

The Hygge Party Printables are  PDF files hosted on Dropbox. You don’t need a Dropbox account to download it, but you’ll need an internet connection.

The file will be immediately delivered to your mailbox as soon as your email address is confirmed. You may need to look at your spam/ promotion folder if you don’t get it.

Tips and instructions

When you enroll, you”ll get pics/ video tutorials where I share  tips and/or recommendations to get the most out of your purchase.

I show you (on video) the easiest way to customise/ tweak/ use each piece of the printables.

Suitable for every one

These printables are specially designed for NON-design savvy people AND for NON-techy people.

If you can watch a video, you’re capable to customise and use EVERY printable included.


For personal use only

I highly value the time and the hard work it took to create the printables.

As a consequence, The Hygge Party Printables are for PERSONAL use ONLY and The Hygge Planner will sue every people who do not respect the restriction.

Get the Entire Package for $57 ONLY

Who doesn’t love testimonials…

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

Definitely easier than I thought. The tutorials were such a good help.

“Fabulous design & flawless service”

My girl is totally in love with the penguin theme. She’s already written 3 letters to Santa.

“Easy & Fun”

Everything is told, explained, shown… step by step. Definitely worth the price.

“High quality and funny to use”

I’m so awful at design but Ophélie showed me how to impress my family in less than 10 minutes.

The Face behind The Hygge Planner

You’ve read so far… You deserve some funny details about who I am.

– I’m an ISTJ (very quiet and analytical … but also very proud of being introvert)

– I’m lefty so I always think my products to be used by both hands 

– My first name comes from a Danish play written by Shakespeare (yes, it counts as a sign…)

– I’m close to Nature and there’s nothing more recharging for me than running outside

– I’ve been bullied from 12 to 18 by fellow kids: being shy and bright was like a curse to cure … because I remained silent, I thought I deserved their hatred.

– During my PhD, I had a major nervous breakdown (aka as burnout). This was my wake-up call: I should no longer hide or give up on who I am to please someone

– If I’m not writing another book or a play, you’ll find me drawing chibis, cooking bento, running long distance and hearing hard rock

Hygge is the medium I use to share my experience & my love

for helping others to be unapologetically themselves.

That’s Me, Ophelie 👆🏻

Let me know if you have questions!

Legal Information & Returns

The Hygge Christmas Party Printable is for PERSONAL use ONLY. None of the designs (even partially) can be used for any free or paid commercial use. Read carefully the license included in each package to get all the details
Due to the digital nature of the product, The Hygge Planner will NOT accept any exchange or refund. Every sale is final.

We encourage you to carefully read all the description BEFORE you make a purchase and/or to send an email at (Allow our team up to 48 hours to answer from Monday to Friday)

No refunds are due to change of mind, cancellation of a Holiday gathering even impromptu, or any other personal situation.

Same goes if you’re not satisfied with a third party vendor (such as a local print shop)