Wouldn’t you feel like a rockstar if you could rant, mess up, declutter, AND envision your next 12 months in ONE workbook?

Feeling meh… 😢   ruminating what your life used to be before the C-madness?

Tossing & turning 1000+ times per night unable to properly rest?

Got the impression your brain is racing in a hamster wheel (hint: there’s not gold medal) ?

Tried crazy methods over the years and nothing worked for you?

bye bye 2020 hygge planner workbook

Congrats… We’re about to become besties cos’ I felt that way too. 

Back in 2011, right after my suicidal attempt, I experienced that dreadful pain in the heart, the recurring negative ideas, the belief you’re cracked open and you’re about to collapse.

Piling up pain over traumas isn’t the solution.

Faking to smile when you want to cry isn’t the solution.

Reading another pointless self-help book isn’t the solution. -> unless you choose Comfort Zone Rocks 😉 😉 😉

 It’s nice to have something to ‘walk’ me through

I love the guided sections of the Bye Bye 2020.

There is so much happening in all of our lives this year that it’s nice to have something to ‘walk’ me through stages of thinking and reflecting in preparation for 2021


Very excited to get started

This is such a wonderful idea and something I think many people need to do to help them work through their thoughts and feelings this year.

Thank you for putting this together.


You may have no one around you to support your journey ATM.

Or you seek an anchor to remind you how unique you are.

Or you’ve been so badly hurt you need something simple & affordable to get back on track.

RESET is there for you to:

– rant/ vent/ scream/ howl

– get messy/ beat perfectionism

– acknowledge emotions/ insights

– guide you step by step so you can turn your insights into minimum viable blueprint

– promote  Me Time & calmness with Hygge

– embrace Comfort Zone to tame self-doubt


is your first act of rebellion against self help guilt.

With a simple 3-step process, you go from letting the steam out to feeling hopeful about the decisions you’ll honour in the next 12 months.

Nothing fancy, nothing crazy…


RESET: Out with the old & in with the new for the next 12 months is the expanded, revised, & brand new version of BYE BYE 2020. More pages, more guidance, and the Masterclass is now included FREE OF CHARGE with every purchase.

the hygge planner workbook reset out with the old

Step 1: The Workbook

Includes ALL you need to do the work at your own pace.

bye bye 2020 hygge planner workbook

Step 2: (FREE OF CHARGE) pre recorded Masterclass to know your dreams, choose what to pursue for those who don’t want to rely on motivation to move the needle

Because it’s never too early to be happy!

RESET is NOT a planner.

It’s a 84-page workbook to let the steam out, mess things up, & turn decisions into reality.

Based on the Danish cosiness (Hygge) and my CPR Method©, RESET is your dateless companion, your lifestyle coach on the go, and your silent bestie when your life crashes.

Map, Plan, Follow through: that’s all you need to go from 😢  to 😉 

What you’ll find inside RESET:

the hygge planner workbook out with the old

RESET is divided into TWO parts:

– Out with the old

– In with the new


– Wrap up pages: Rant/ vent/ destroy/ scream what pissed you off during the last 12 months. Bye Felicia! 

– Self Love Check: Become your own cheerleader even if you feel there’s nothing special about you (hint: you’re amazing and I know it)

– Coloring Pages: because bringing fantasy IRL is a a mood booster 

– 7 Tips to cultivate confidence and calmness

– Plan B pages: learn how to adjust along the year

– Recap: to remember, adjust, and pivot as heck as you want

– Comfort Zone Builder: tame self doubt by stacking up your wins

– Hygge Day: Create your own bubble of cosiness to recharge & rest on demand


– pre-recorded Masterclass

– lifetime access (I mean as long as I run The Hygge Planner)

– 90+ min 

– cliff notes included inside RESET


* why goal setting is a catastrophe & what to do instead

* the 3 questions to ask when you choose what to pursue in your life

* how to evaluate the time you’ll need and how it may fit into your schedule

* the exact process I use to break down, organize, simplify & follow through

* how to deal with self doubt and second guessing when no one supports you.

Walkthrough RESET Workbook


– 84-page workbook

– 80 gsm uncoated paper for a smooth & silky writing experience

–> this paper minimizes bleeding and smudging even for lefties

– 8,5 x 11 in (close to A4)

– clean & lean design

– edgy & modern cover

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